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Vario light walls

In response to market needs, we present Vario Light advertising walls.

These are advertising walls based on our most popular solutions from the "classic" Vario series. Aluminum structure with a diameter of 30 to 34 millimeters along with a print that is perfectly matched to the structure. Everything is packed in a suitcase on wheels or a small transport bag. We also took care of the little things - we are adding gloves and foil to each wall, which can be spread while assembling the wall, so as not to get the print dirty. The result is a textile wall that is very handy, comfortable to use and does not lose any of its strength and functionality.


Extremely mobile exhibition systems.

Nowadays, a lot of emphasis is placed on minimalism. In order for the advertising wall to be as useful and universal as possible, a lot of attention is paid to making it durable and effective, and at the same time taking up as little space as possible after folding. The perfect promotional wall is also reusable.

Our offer of Vario Light is directed primarily to advertising agencies that are looking for eye-catching, durable and trouble-free advertising solutions.

Vario Light are four types of walls that will fit wherever you need them. Classic, proven shapes tailored to the 21st century.