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Why are LED light boxes a good choice?

A lightbox made of aluminum profiles is a special product. It attracts attention regardless of the time of day and where it is. We offer several types of frames at attractive prices. Regardless of whether it is to be a free-standing light box with double-sided printing or maybe you need an advertising box on the wall - we have both.

Do you need an information carrier for promotional campaigns or fairs? Do you care to outshine the competition? You are in the right place.

Wall hung

The LED lightbox from Adsystem is an unbeatable construction and a guarantee of satisfaction.

In order to obtain the highest efficiency of the product, all elements are adjusted to the type and size of the product. In this way, we approach each order individually, while the customer receives a fully personalized product, tailored to their own needs and capabilities. In addition, we design LED lightboxes so that they can be easily disassembled and installed elsewhere, which gives a universal, portable product.

Each of our advertising boxes has a printout made on a special polyester fabric in the eco sublimation technique. The material is trimmed with an elastic band, which, combined with the increased basis weight of the fabric and high color saturation, gives a very effective print that perfectly fits the frame. What's more, the printout is removable - this makes our product reusable and will last for years.

As a producer of advertising coffers, we are able to make frames in various sizes - including less standard ones. Larger models are equipped with special brackets and reinforcements stiffening the structure. We also have experience in less typical constructions. If you are interested in our offer of light boxes and advertising light boxes, please contact us.