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LED light box with double-sided printing - maximum use of the product potential.

An illuminated advertising box is a must-have in a well-thought-out advertising space design. This category includes free-standing LED light boxes. The printout of such a lightbox can be on both sides, thanks to which the display of the content is even more effective. Illuminated, free-standing adFrame advertising coffers are available in several variants, both in predetermined sizes and personalized versions. On the other hand, we have a whole range of products that largely meet the needs of the modern market, offering a satisfactory compactness and ease of transport and assembly.


Use proven dimensions or create an LED light box in your own size.

Adsystem's flagship product is adFrame LMD. Thanks to its design and the possibility of adapting to the customer's needs, this advertising box exceeds the limits of the most popular sizes of this type of products on the market. The illuminated LMD frame can be fully personalized, with components selected specifically for a specific frame size, so that the result is a structure that perfectly meets the user's needs.

Other LED light boxes from our offer are equally interesting. On the wave of successes of adFrame LMD and in response to trends in the production of light and portable products, we have developed Plug and Play coffers. Their design allows for completely tool-free operation. No special skills are required for assembly and disassembly. Plug and Play LED light boxes from Adsystem in most cases have transport bags included in the price of the product, which increases their functionality and the convenience of frequent use.