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Tents, columns and gates are some of the most recognizable sales support materials available on the market. In Adsystem you will find each of these products.

We offer exhibition tents, columns and inflatable gates in many variants and at attractive prices.

The main advantage is that our outdoor inflatable products are constant pressure. What does it mean? As a result, the advertising tent or the starting gate only needs to be filled once, and then its shape and properties remain in place throughout the entire period of use.

On the other hand, thanks to the one-time filling, you will avoid the cumbersome use of portable power sources that generate unnecessary noise and incur additional costs.


Not only inflatable systems...

Although constant pressure tents constitute the largest percentage of our outdoor solutions, we also offer flags, tubular tents and advertising deckchairs, without which no outdoor event can be done.

All advertising tents and other outdoor products from Adsystem have a replaceable print on a coated material resistant to adverse weather conditions. Thanks to this, you can be sure that Adsystem party tents are an investment for many seasons.