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Adsystem Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością realizuje projekt w ramach Dotacji na kapitał obrotowy wg umowy POIR.03.04.00-02-0320/20-00 Wartość projektu: 232 329,75 PLN. Wkład funduszy europejskich:232 329,75 PLN. Celem finansowaniA jest wsparcie średnich przedsiębiorstw w związku z zakłóceniami w funkcjonowaniu gospodarki na skutek wystąpienia pandemii COVID-19.

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What we do?
Adsystem is a manufacturer of mobile advertising media with many years of experience, specialist knowledge and extensive know-how in the field of advertising solutions such as widely understood exhibition systems. Since the beginning of its existence the company has been associated with the city of Wrocław, where in 2021 it built its new headquarters.

Our main goal is to provide customers with high-quality solutions that work well both at trade fairs and during events, exhibitions and other marketing activities. As an exhibition company, we manufacture, sell and lease a wide range of products from the exhibition systems category. These include: exhibition stands, large and small advertising walls and structures. Our products are characterised by durability, high-class workmanship and elegance, thanks to which they make a positive impression and are highly effective.

Adsystem offers exhibition systems - rental, leasing and sale. A wide range of products and solutions will make everyone find something for themselves and the variety of accessories supplied by Adsystem will allow your company to stand out from others through attractive exhibition systems. You can leave the assembly to us or do it yourself, our products are easy to install, assemble and disassemble. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer and proposals..
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Adsystem is a company which comprehensively deals with the subject of exhibition systems. We are not only their manufacturer, we also provide services of assembly and rental of professional advertising solutions.

Due to our experience and fleet of machines we have an individual approach to each request and we are not afraid of 'custom' solutions, created to meet the needs of the market and the expectations of a constantly growing number of customers.

Our advertising media can be found at every step of the way: from neighbourhood shops to shopping malls, fairs, promotional campaigns and car showrooms. We believe that the installation of our systems will not be a problem even for people with no experience, and the possibility of replacement of printouts means that we should look at them as an investment, not a one-time purchase.

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