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Advertising textile totems

Mobile advertising totem - be visible from afar

Textile advertising totems are exceptionally versatile tools characterized by mobility, lightness, and ease of transport and setup. Their multidimensional flexibility allows for quick adaptation to various events, from events in galleries, through fairs, to promotions at conferences. By placing a logo or a graphic on an advertising totem, you can be sure that your brand will not be overlooked. Customers will readily approach a stand that is aesthetically pleasing and convinces them with its unusual design.

Large format advertising created for professional brands

One of the greatest strengths of textile totems is their striking visual power. High-quality materials ensure maximum visibility of your graphics or logo, so the customer will instantly know about your brand's presence. This is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd of competitors and attract the attention of potential customers. The structure, despite its impressive shapes, is easy to assemble and does not require any specialized tools. At any time, you can order new graphics, which you can replace for subsequent events or promotions. One structure, many prints.


Large format advertising created for professional brands reaches a new level with textile totems. Their striking visual power is one of their key advantages. Made from high-quality materials, textile totems ensure maximum visibility of your graphics or logo, instantly informing about your brand. This is an extremely effective way to stand out in the competitive jungle and attract the attention of potential customers.


Moreover, despite their impressive sizes, the construction of totems is incredibly easy to assemble and disassemble. It requires no special tools or skills — you can set up the totem quickly, without any problems. This is a convenient solution, especially in cases of frequent changes of events, promotions, or locations.


By using textile totems, you also gain flexibility in choosing graphics. You can order a new print at any time, which you can then easily replace, adapting the totem to current needs and upcoming events. One structure can be used multiple times, presenting different visual messages depending on the circumstances and marketing goals. This is an investment in diverse possibilities and dynamic adaptation of your advertising according to ever-changing needs and situations.

Textile totem - highlight the unique character of your brand

A textile totem is not just an information carrier but also a tool that emphasizes the originality of your brand. We care that each product is unique and perfectly reflects the character of your business. Therefore, we give you the option to choose the size and select graphics so that the product perfectly fits the visual identity of your brand.


From choosing the right size to designing graphics — you have full control over creating a unique appearance for your totem. A logo, distinctive advertising graphics, or a catchy slogan — these elements are key in building brand recognition and awareness. Our textile advertising totems not only present information but are also an effective tool in creating a unique image that stands out in the crowd and is memorable to potential customers.

Advertising tunnel ensures effective promotion of your business

The quality of construction and materials used is the foundation of the solidity of our textile totems. A solid construction guarantees stability, and high-quality materials ensure durability and resistance to long-term use. This means that your product maintains an aesthetic appearance for years.


A textile totem not only presents information but also effectively builds brand awareness and encourages customer engagement. With it, your company can be noticeable in various places and situations, attracting the attention of potential customers and increasing their trust in your business.


Textile advertising totems are indispensable tools that offer not only the possibility of an impressive presentation of the brand but also mobility and flexibility in use. Thanks to their solidity, aesthetics, and customization options, they become an integral part of an effective advertising strategy, supporting the growth of brand awareness and acquiring new customers.