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Suspended textile systems

Vario presentation walls - advantages of original shapes 

A business wall is an extremely easy to install, mobile and timeless solution to promote any brand. Such a system will be ideal for all kinds of events, during which it will find a wide range of applications. In our offer you will find models, in various forms, such as a snail, trade island, kite, gate, arch or serpentine. The most advanced systems are the ability to create a separate area for the company. A sponsorship wall will give the opportunity to present the partners of an event, while a press background is even necessary during various types of conferences. A well-used banner is a guarantee that no one will pass by your stand indifferently.

Mobile exhibition systems - easy and inntuitive installation

Adsystem banner wall with fabric will work well at any event, whether it is an exhibition, conference or trade show. They can be used to advertise your brand or products during their presentation, making them an extremely effective way to convey information. Textile tools - hundreds of solutions, in a simple layout. Advertising systems can be set up in minutes, without the need for tools.  The polyester fabric used to cover the wall is washable, so you can easily refresh the look of your presentation after the event.

Offer walls of the highest quality

All products in the category of our unique Vario walls, have solid aluminum structures and textile printing of the highest quality. A professional advertising tool will allow you not only to present your company from the best side, but also to reach a new audience. Accurate workmanship and eco-friendly materials are the mark of an innovative brand that follows marketing trends. Are you curious how you can use an advertising wall with an unusual shape? Feel free to contact our salespeople, who will select the right tool for your business.

How to use mobile exhibition systems?

Walls in the shape of a snail, serpentine, circle, wave or island are unusual solutions that you will not often meet among your competitors. That's why this is the perfect tool to highlight your innovation and modernity. Want to stand out among your industry? Use the wave-shaped wall to present a new car model, the adVario Tower to mark your position at a trade show and the wheel to create a bauble, ball or fruit.