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Adsystem partnership programme - a new way of B2B cooperation.

adPro is a loyalty programme created for advertising agencies, printing houses, event agencies in order to establish permanent cooperation and enlarge their clients' portfolio. Our mission is to raise awareness of exhibition systems in the business world, to show their advantages, possibilities of use and to demonstrate that an advertising medium today is more than just a roll-up. Help your customers strengthen their image with our systems, join us!

Which advantages does adPro offer?

Joining adPro gives you many benefits in relation to the sales and marketing of exhibition systems. Above all, you are guaranteed the best price, you have access to the highest quality products and you receive marketing support. Build awareness of your advertising products and deliver innovative products to your customers. By joining the programme you receive: - guarantee of the lowest price - constant contact with the best specialists with vast knowledge in the field of exhibition and advertising systems - an individual supervisor assigned to your company - access to marketing and educational materials concerning the offered range.

We know very well what distinguishes our products, we know how to present them and we will gladly show you how to present them to your customers and business partners.

How do I join adPro

Please contact our sales department, who will be happy to answer your questions and help you to join the adPro programme.

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