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Advertising walls
Advertising wall from A to Z

A display wall is a great choice for various promotional events. Trade fairs, conferences, and other industry meetings are opportunities to present your company as an expert in the field. How can you use an exhibition system to strengthen your brand's position in the market? What type of advertising wall should you choose to stand out from the competition?


Press Wall - What is it and What Role Does it Play in Modern Marketing?
Press conferences, interviews, or recordings for social media - these are just a few occasions where a press wall can be useful. If you are considering purchasing such an exhibition system, see the benefits of event walls and how to choose the optimal solution for your business.
Presto Light Advertising Wall: A Universal Advertising Medium
It is lightweight and handy, and its assembly is lightning-fast. Thanks to high-quality prints, it will provide you with an effective promotional message, but above all, it is very versatile. The Presto Light advertising wall is one of our flagship products. See why it's worth investing in and discover the benefits you will gain.
How to Choose a Promotional Wall? The Complete Guide
Textile or pop-up promotional wall? Straight or curved? What size? You will find answers to these and many other questions related to choosing a promotional wall in our latest article. We invite you to read.