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Multimedia advertising

Innovative, multimedia advertising medium 

Digital advertising is first and foremost a sea of possibilities for customers. who need new and innovative advertising. An advertising screen based on LED technology is an increasingly common feature of urban spaces. This is why we have expanded our range to include an advertising wall screen and a multimedia stand for our product family. The products in the adWideo series are for those who are bold, who want to adapt quickly to a changing world and who value independence and reactivity.

LED screens

Digital advertising is the new trend setter

The most popular product present on the digital market is the advertising wall screen. The matrix made up of LEDs allows for a visible, high-quality image. The modular design of the LED wall screen makes it possible to achieve an accurate display, regardless of the size to be achieved. This is made possible by the fact that each module displays a part of the entire image. This makes it possible to maintain a very high quality resolution, and the number of modules the advertising screen is made up of depends only on the area it is to cover. This gives unlimited possibilities in terms of the size of the LED wall screen.


However, this is not the only advantage of modular construction. It allows us to shape our LED advertising screen in any way we like. Whether it is an interactive stand with one wall or LED panels arranged in a rectangle, the message will be just as coherent and clear. Moreover, it does not have to be a simple form. By adjusting the size of the modules, the multimedia advertising medium can even be mounted on a convex part of the wall. Depending on the content, such shaping can enhance its appeal to the viewer.

Multimedia kiosk and LED advertising screens

An LED advertising screen created using LEDs gains superiority over projectors or large-format plasma screens thanks to its "resistance" to light. Sunlight is irrelevant to the image the outdoor advertising screen displays; it will always be just as clear and legible. Also, indoor lighting does not affect the visibility of the content displayed by the interactive stand. This is particularly useful in shopping malls, where the media stands give the location of individual points of interest. The content of LCD display products can be created independently and can be changed at any time. These digital advertising media are ideal as an informative part of the office, the gallery or any establishment where people visit.

Information and entertainment media - LED advertising screens

The LED advertising screen offers almost unlimited possibilities in terms of the content presented on it. It can be loaded with films, presentations or applications, including games. This type of advertising wall screen allows the user to quickly reach the content they are interested in, anywhere at any time (if it is an outdoor advertising screen).


The VideoWall panels (interactive stand), when combined with the textile prints of the exhibition building, will make an unforgettable impression on visitors - the exhibition building comes to life, stands out from the rest, and with the use of the telebim gives the whole thing a modern ritual.


The touchscreen LED advertising screen allows you to present your company's offer in an unconventional way, indicate an item on the menu or, by uploading a map, the outdoor advertising screen will show the way to the relevant building. An additional feature in the form of loudspeakers combines video and sound in a coherent manner.