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Totally new thing from us!

The DIGITAL is not only a new chapter in Adsystem history. Above all, it is a set of tools for brave and creative people who want to quickly adapt to the ever-changing world, who value their own independence. Sky is the limit!

It will fit perfectly in bigger trade fair booths - the LED displays are fully compatible with our mFrame system. In other words: You can show whatever you want and whenever you want.


We provide you with products with LCD displays, the content of which you can create and change by yourself at any time. This advertising media will be perfect as a part of your trade booth, office, reception or any other place where people appear often.

Information? Entertainment? Science? Why not everything at once?

LCD displays offer almost unlimited possibilities when it comes to the content presented on them. You can upload movies, presentations or applications, including games, to them.

The VideoWall panels, when combined with textile printouts of the booths, will make an unforgettable impression on the visitors - your stand will become full of life and stand out from the crowd.

The touch LCD screen of the digital kiosk will allow you to present the company's portfolio in an unusual way, show an item on the menu or find the way to the building. Built-in speakers make information can be spoken aloud.

All electronic advertising media in this category is a product made for the 21st century. See for yourself what opportunities it gives you!