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What can a digital advertising stand be used for?

Are important trade fairs, where you want to present your products and services to clients, approaching? Or perhaps as a bakery, you want to give customers the opportunity to visualize personalized cakes to avoid any misunderstandings? The digital advertising stand is the perfect solution for you! It's a mobile and stable LCD touchscreen on which you can install any application (even one created specifically for you!) through the Android system, which will facilitate interaction with your customer through interaction and integration. For example, if your product is aimed at parents – our mobile kiosks can attract the attention of children and teenagers in an interesting way and engage them with an entertaining game – while you talk with the parent, proposing your products and services.

Mobile LCD stand – endless possibilities

In addition to the interaction opportunities provided by our LCD advertising stands, you can also use them to monitor the behavior of potential customers. How? Tracking glances at the screen, frequency of menu selections, scanning of QR codes – these are just some of the options that a mobile LCD stand allows you to utilize.

Collecting statistical data about customer interest allows you to plan your next advertising moves even better. More and more people are interested in some aspect of your business? Launch an informational campaign about it and outpace your competition in offering innovative products and services! Our multimedia kiosks will definitely help you in this! What’s more, they are becoming increasingly popular and are associated with big brands – join their ranks today!