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LED screens

What distinguishes an LED panel?

An LED panel is one of the most versatile forms of advertising because it can be used both inside and outside buildings. They can be used to advertise in places where traditional forms of advertising would be ineffective or if you simply want to draw the attention of customers and contractors. A car that gives the impression of movement attracts attention, right? LED panels are also perfect for indoor applications. For years, they have been used in shopping centers and other commercial facilities because they are so versatile and easy to install. As a manufacturer of LED panels, our company sends an assembled product or delivers individual components and provides on-site installation.

Advertising LED panel – get noticed!

The LED advertising panels we offer are divided into several different types.

  • A panel can illuminate ready-made graphics, making it easy to create the impression of static image motion – you can make the sky cloud over with stormy clouds or a car come to life before the customer’s eyes.

  • An advertising LED panel in the form of a screen, commonly called a billboard, allows you not only to display animation under the graphics but also to display any moving image – from a simple presentation or animation to ready-made commercials.

Moreover, in both cases, you can change the displayed image at any time. Thanks to the connectivity to the panel via WiFi and 4G, it is easy to control even from your phone! Our offer includes building any modules and programming them, however, we do not offer the creation of ready-made graphics or animations, for this purpose you should consult with an appropriate multimedia agency that will help in planning a perfectly tailored advertising campaign.

LED diode panels – visible always and everywhere

What distinguishes LED diode panels? The fact that it is always visible everywhere. Innovative LED technology, which achieves a brightness of 800mcd, ensures that the image is perfectly visible and sharp both in the middle of the night and in sunny noon. But that's not all! The diode panel offered by our company has a viewing angle of 160° both vertically and horizontally. What does this mean? Even a person approaching parallel to the stand will see the image displayed on the billboard perfectly! Such a solution will attract not only the gaze but also the attention of potential customers – we leave the rest to you.

Our company, as a manufacturer of advertising elements for twenty years, knows perfectly how to attract attention – therefore you can fully trust us, we will do everything to ensure that your advertising content reaches the widest possible audience – but keeping this interest will be in your hands.