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It couldn't be easier.

Our banner advertising wall is one of the simplest structures of its kind - it is a bit like wall maps that we remember from our school days. It attracts the user's attention with its functionality, simplicity and ease of installation. The optimally selected weight of the steel feet stabilizes the system and the flexible fiberglass masts stretch the printout between the slats. The advertising wall fits into the oblong bag. Adwall L is a professional and proven tool that effectively presents the company and promotes its products thanks to the presentation of large-format advertising graphics. This type of stands are the most economical advertising media.


Reliable advertising stand of Polish production.

Our L-series advertising stands are designed for all those who expect simplicity and failure-free operation from the advertising wall. It is a stable and light L-shaped stand consisting of durable, aluminum slats and a support foot, a printout and a fiberglass mast. This combination is a recipe for a reliable stand.

Economically does not mean worse.

Banner walls are an invaluable addition to any product presentation and conference. Thanks to them, the area of your brand's advertising message grows, regardless of whether the company's headquarters are in Warsaw, Wrocław or any of the smaller towns. By spending little money, you are able to attract more potential customers. The banner systems in our range offer the highest quality, not without significance is the fact that they are made in Poland. Our banner walls will be invaluable in direct contact with the client. First of all, they convince the recipient of the advertising message about our professionalism and professional approach. Therefore, it is worth considering enriching your promotional campaign or conference with this product. The more that their price is extremely attractive. Looking at the Adsystem price list, you can conclude that this solution is a bull's eye.