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Pop-up walls

Pop-up walls in a modern form

In our offer, we not only have walls with PVC print but also those with textile graphics. Such prints on fabric are prepared using an eco-friendly sublimation method and the material itself includes a stretch blend. This makes the print easy to use and, if it gets dirty, it can be washed in a regular washing machine. An additional advantage of the pop-up wall is its simple assembly. The universal shape of the construction and straightforward links should not cause anyone any trouble.


The pop-up wall is the oldest form of an advertising wall. It is usually a straight or slightly curved wall with a print. What could be modernized in it? A lot. Check our offer and discover the latest solutions!

Pop-up wall – lightweight and stability

The classic pop-up wall was characterized by a fixed structure, made from a uniform frame with a covering. Weve taken it a step further. Our pop-up advertising wall stands out thanks to a light, foldable aluminum frame with a stable base, hidden under a textile cover, on which you can print any graphic. This always ensures a sleek and perfect look and whats more, you can easily replace the print without the need to replace the whole wall. Our company has been producing advertising materials for years, so we know what solutions are best in each category. Following our heart and choosing an innovative direction, we decided to replace rigid walls with easy-to-assemble and disassemble walls on a foldable frame with a textile cover. It was a direct hit!

Pop-up walls – application

In the history of advertising, pop-up walls hold a prestigious place on the podium when it comes to the oldest solutions. As soon as fairs and exhibitions began to develop, companies started to look for a solution that would mark their booths and so the first advertising walls were created to distinguish one booth from the other. Today, pop-up walls are used not only at fairs but also in shopping galleries, during public performances, or when organizing meetings. They also work excellently as an advertising surface in stores. Additionally, the ability to easily and quickly replace the cover allows for the creation of a universal advertising banner that you can take everywhere with you! The transport bag added to each purchase further facilitates its transportation and storage. Its small dimensions and low weight are not the only advantages! Each cover can be refreshed by throwing it into a regular washing machine at a low temperature. This means that even after wintering in the warehouse, your advertisement can look perfect!