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Textile walls

How are adsystem's textile walls made?

Aluminum structure

The basis of our advertising walls is a combination of aluminum profiles. In order to connect them, just align them according to the markings and snap them together. This allows for quick assembly and efficient setup. We use profiles of different diameters - 34 mm and 43 mm. The Light textile walls are, as the name suggests, very light and as a result great for frequent moving. Therefore, you can confidently rely on them if you regularly conduct promotional activities at different locations. Premium textile walls are models using profiles of the larger diameter. As a result, they are slightly heavier and more stable. This makes them a good option if you are looking for an advertising medium for events where a lot will be happening.

Textile print

The peak of our advertising walls is the print on textile material. The fabric we use in production is flexible, so it is easy to fit over the aluminum structure. At the same time, it retains its original shape, so it looks great on the wall. We will place your personalized graphics on the print. We use the sublimation printing method to create them. It's an eco-friendly technique that allows us to achieve high-quality print and superb color reproduction.


Importantly, you should know that the prints for our walls can be washed in an automatic washing machine at temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius. As a result, even if the fabric gets dirty at a trade fair, you can easily remove the stains and the advertising wall will serve you in good condition for a long time. Moreover, you should know that your graphics can be visible from both sides if you choose the double-sided printing option.

Advertising walls in various sizes and shapes

In our offer, you will find various variants of advertising walls. For example, you can choose curved horizontal walls. In such a version, textile walls can be a great solution if you are looking for a backdrop for press conferences or for preparing backgrounds for recordings on social media. Another type of curved walls you will find in this category are models with a curvature that runs vertically. This construction makes the print extend from ground up. As a result, the wall can precisely cover objects placed behind it. Among our products, you will also find straight walls.

How you can use textile advertising walls

Textile advertising walls are some of the most popular advertising carriers. Our customers appreciate them for their high-quality prints, easy assembly, and tool-free setup and dismantling. See when and in what circumstances you can use our exhibition walls.

Advertising wall for trade shows and promotions

The textile advertising walls presented in this category will be a great choice if you plan to participate in trade fairs or organize a promotion in a shopping gallery. With our product, you will distinctly separate your booth from the rest of the room and effectively present your products. Moreover, thanks to the high-quality prints, your promotional booth will attract attention from afar and potential customers will find you more easily.

Textile wall for the office

Another proven use for advertising walls is their application in your company's headquarters. You can use them, for example, in an open space to divide specific functional zones or in the employee relaxation area. In that way our advertising wall can become an element of internal communication. You can place information about current special campaigns and important events from the company's life on the prints. But using walls with your company logo as elements of interior design is also a good idea.

Textile walls in offices and cultural institutions

An advertising wall can be a great alternative to the traditional roll-up and serve to communicate with audiences. You can place information about current cultural events, ongoing projects, or awarded grants on the prints. In this case, the ability to easily exchange prints is particularly important - our products are standardized, so whenever there is a need to change graphics, you don't need to order a whole new wall, just the material alone.

Advertising wall in a service location or store

Products gathered in this category will work well for presenting your products and services in a location regularly visited by customers. If you run a real estate brokerage, beauty salon, yoga studio, or any other business, our wall can be used as a promotional tool in your location.


As you can see, textile walls from adsystem are a practical way to stand out and attract customer attention, as well as a proven communication tool. Check out our offer and choose a practical solution for your company.