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Vario walls

Exhibition walls for every occasion.

A stylish and professional textile wall is a solution for all those who appreciate the convenience and simplicity of using advertising media. It is the textile banner that combines ease of use with high quality and an attractive price, which is best evidenced by the Adsystem price list. Our textile walls are made of aluminum frames with polyester fabric wrapped around them. These systems are easy to install and light thanks to the use of lightweight materials. Each seller and marketer will therefore be able to deal with the preparation of a stand and arranging the exhibition space. Even if you promote yourself in the capital city of Warsaw, where the competition is fierce, our textile walls will help you win every battle for a customer.


The textile wall will make your advertisement effective and modern.

Aesthetic appearance, reliable structure and the power of communication will make the textile walls catch the eye of every recipient. Graphics can be placed on both sides of the structure. Our textile walls have the largest display area among all exhibition systems - and also the lowest weight. Thanks to this, the potential customer will certainly find the logo and will easily spot your stand even at the most crowded fairs organized in the largest cities. Even crowded halls full of competitors will not be an obstacle to the promotion of the company! Some double-sided textile walls can even have several dozen square meters of advertising space. Medium used by us for printouts is a calendered polyester fabric, printed in the process of ecological sublimation. A well-used textile banner is a guarantee that no one will pass by your stand indifferently.

The advantages of Vario walls

High quality in affordable price

Every exhibition wall from our offer has very attractive, affordable price. Many of shapes offered by us come in different sizes. You can adjust the product exactly to the space you have. If display walls are not enough for you, we have other products for you too. Foam furniture, brochure holders, roll-ups? We have it all.