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Custom lightboxes

Advertising That Grabs Even More Attention

Why should you choose custom illuminated signboards? These products are a great way to make your brand stand out even more. Their unique form, combined with graphics and lighting, will catch customers' eyes from a distance.

As a manufacturer of illuminated advertisements, we create our products to measure, ensuring they fit perfectly on the wall or other display location. By ordering such a product, you get an advertisement tailored to the needs of your business.

Signboard Production - Almost Unlimited Customization Options

Our signboard production facility near Wrocław offers nearly unlimited customization possibilities. Under one roof, we have gathered a team of specialists who will design your signboard and handle its physical preparation. For us, the process of making custom signboards begins with a design prepared by a technical support engineer. Based on the drawings, our specialists prepare the structure on an aluminum frame, select the lighting, and the connecting elements.

High-Quality, Custom-Tailored Graphics

The final step in producing custom signboards is fitting the textile print. Before we create the final print with your personalized graphics for the advertising signboard, we first produce a test print. We check if the fabric fits well on the structure. Only when we are sure that everything fits perfectly do we proceed with the final graphic print.

As with our other products, we use sublimation printing techniques. This ensures excellent quality and accurate color reproduction. Custom illuminated signboards perfectly align with your brand's visual identity, making the product an impressive showcase for your company. Additionally, the graphics on the signboards can be placed on one or both sides, depending on your needs.

Moreover, the material we use for custom illuminated signboards diffuses LED lighting very well. This means the graphics are evenly illuminated, making the entire display particularly striking.

As you can see, our offer includes not only standard products. We can also fulfill orders for custom illuminated signboards. If you have additional questions or are looking for ways to use such products to promote your brand, feel free to contact us.