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Wall-hung lightboxes


Wall coffers - maximum potential at a low cost.

Advertising coffers on the wall help in the maximum use of space. They allow you to transfer some of the content to the previously unused walls and ceiling. This is important, for example, because nowadays there is a tendency to create the most functional things on a micro scale. So it can be said that the coffers on the wall are the maximization of possibilities in the era of minimization.

Our offer includes LED illuminated advertising boxes, as well as textile frames without lighting. In combination with the wide range of available sizes, wall advertising coffers become a product that offers unbelievable possibilities.


Textile frames ready for your idea.

All our wall coffers are made of durable aluminum. The shape of the profile of each of the available types in combination with individually selected components allow you to maximize the potential of the product. Do you need an impressive lightbox for your office? Are you arranging your store with a lot of unused space on the walls? Or maybe you have an idea for an unusual painting for your own apartment? Please contact us!

Our wall light boxes are printed on polyester fabric in the eco sublimation technology. Thanks to the composition of the material and this printing technique, we are able to obtain durable prints in appropriately saturated colors. The fabric itself is mounted with a silicone rubber, thanks to which the graphics perfectly fit the frame. This method also helps in replacing the prints when the need arises. This makes LED light boxes and textile wall frames products for years with proper use.