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Wall-hung lightboxes

Wall Lightboxes - How Are They Made?

Illuminated lightboxes consist of an aluminum frame, LED diodes, textile prints, and power cables for lighting. This simple design makes assembling a lightbox very easy and you can complete the task without difficulty, even if you lack experience in manual work.

The highlight of our illuminated advertising signs is the single-sided print, on which we will place your personalized graphics. We rely on advanced printing techniques in our work. By using the sublimation method, we achieve high-quality prints with deep and vivid colors. As a result, your company symbols or logo will look truly impressive. It is also worth noting that the fabric used to finish the advertising lightboxes excellently diffuses light. Thanks to this and the use of LED lighting, your company graphics will be further highlighted and visible from a distance.

Importantly, we have also ensured that assembling the prints is equally simple. The textile material, on which we place your graphics, is edged with a silicone keder. To place the fabric in its intended location, simply insert the beading into the edges of the aluminum frame. Moreover, our illuminated lightboxes and other adsystem products are standardized. Therefore, if you change your promotional campaign idea or prepare new graphics over time, you only need to order a new print for the existing structure.

Where Can You Use a Wall-Mounted Lightbox?

Wall-mounted advertising lightboxes have somewhat different applications compared to their freestanding counterparts. They mainly differ in the form of display - the advertising message is single-sided, meaning it is only visible from the front. While it might seem that it makes them less effective advertising media, it’s important to know that this type of illuminated lightbox can also effectively support promotional activities - you just need to find the right place for them in your office, service location, or shop window. Here are a few proven ways to use wall-mounted advertising lightboxes in your business.

Illuminated Advertising Sign

An advertising lightbox placed in a shop window or service location can help you attract more traffic to your company’s premises. In this case, a product functioning as an advertising sign will catch the attention of passersby from a distance and, thanks to LED lighting, the location will stand out even after dark. Furthermore, with interchangeable prints, you can run various promotional campaigns related to special holidays and events.

Illuminated Advertising in a Shopping Mall

Another proven way to use a wall-mounted advertising lightbox is to include it as part of the decor in a store or venue within a shopping mall. With a printed lightbox, you can highlight specific areas within the space, making it easier for customers to navigate and find the products they are looking for. An LED-illuminated advertising lightbox can also be used as a medium for information about promotions and special events. Placing the lightbox in visible locations can significantly enhance the effectiveness of your promotional activities.

Illuminated information boards in the office

LED-illuminated advertising lightboxes mounted on walls are also a good addition to the decor of offices and company headquarters. A product of this type placed, for example, at the company's reception, will be its showcase and will clearly inform customers and visitors that they have come to the right address. In turn, a wall advertising box installed in an office can serve as a decoration or element of an information carrier inside the company.

Single-Sided Advertising Lightbox as Artwork in a Home

If you are looking for an alternative to classic wall decorations and want a high-quality picture with LED lighting, our products are perfect for this role. You can place your favorite photo or graphic on the print, which will further enhance the interior design. Additionally, the print on textile material improves the room's acoustics and the LED lighting will provide an extra source of light.

Illuminated Lightboxes in Restaurants and Bars

When setting up a dining establishment, creating a unique atmosphere that your guests will appreciate is particularly important. Advertising lightboxes can be a great help in achieving this. Prints with stunning views or beautiful graphics that incorporate elements of your brand's visual identity work well in these settings. The lighting emitted by the lightboxes will provide additional side lighting, helping to illuminate the space. Another effective way to use a lightbox in a restaurant is to install a custom-sized model above the bar. In this case, guests sitting at the counter will naturally be drawn to the messages displayed on the prints.

Single-Sided Advertising Lightbox in Cultural Institutions and Government Offices

Government offices, libraries, and museums are making significant efforts to maintain effective direct communication with their visitors in an increasingly digital age. Advertising lightboxes can be a valuable support for such efforts. They can effectively reach audiences and convey important information. In this context, our products will serve as illuminated information boards.

As you can see, adsystem offers wall-mounted advertising lightboxes that can help you effectively reach customers, stand out from the competition, or enhance the design of your office. Discover which models best suit your needs and work with us to create advertising that brings you real benefits.