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Suspended lightboxes

Suspended Lightboxes - How Are Advertising Signs Made?

Our illuminated advertising signs are based on an aluminum frame. The combination of profiles is easy to assemble, so even someone without manual work experience can handle the task. The LED diodes, providing even illumination for the prints, are embedded inside the frame. This ensures that the entire graphic is well-lit, with no overexposed or dark spots on its surface.

The illuminated signs are complemented by prints on which we will place your personalized graphics. With these, you will have an effective advertising medium and support for your promotional activities. It's important to know that we use modern technologies in the production of our illuminated advertisements, that allow us to achieve excellent final results. Therefore, we will use the sublimation printing method to prepare your prints as well. This eco-friendly technique allows us to achieve high-quality graphics with vivid, deep colors.

The products in this category are available in double-sided versions as well as in very striking forms like rectangular prisms or cubes. These last two types of lightboxes are particularly interesting choices.

How to Use Advertising Signs in Your Business?

At adsystem, we strive to make our lightboxes, including the suspended systems described here, as versatile as possible for advertising purposes. See where and in what circumstances an advertising ceiling sign would be a good choice.

Trade Shows

If you are planning to participate in trade shows or similar promotional events, a suspended advertising lightbox placed above your booth will further highlight your brand. Using this product will make your exhibition space visible from a distance. In such circumstances, where many brands compete for the audience's attention, a suspended advertising lightbox positioned higher than the booth setups can effectively increase your chances compared to the competition.

Brand Promotion and Venue Signage

An illuminated advertising lightbox is also a great addition to the decor of a service location, such as a technology or automotive showroom, or a spacious store. In this case, the illuminated sign can do more than just serve communication purposes by informing visitors about current promotions or events and reinforcing brand awareness. These products can effectively mark the interior and highlight functional areas, such as distinguishing a relaxation area, indicating where specific assortments are located, or pointing out service counters.

Advertising Sign on Display

Another effective way to use advertising lightboxes is to mount them in a display or shop window. This type of illuminated advertisement will catch the attention of passersby and may encourage them to visit your location. In this context, advertising lightboxes in the form of suspended cubes and rectangular prisms are particularly effective.

What Are the Benefits of Illuminated Signs from Adsystem?

Our advertising signs are effective advertising mediums. By using personalized prints and LED lighting, an advertising lightbox will increase the visibility of your brand, thereby strengthening its image in the minds of the audience. Additionally, you should know that the prints on our advertising panels can be replaced over time. If you change your promotional message or prepare a special seasonal campaign, you only need to order the prints from us that will fit the existing structure.

As you can see, suspended advertising lightboxes are products that can effectively support your promotional activities. Explore the products in this category and choose from double-sided ads and three-dimensional forms like cubes and rectangular prisms. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.