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Let yourself be seen and distinguished from others.

You design an exhibition stand. You already have the entire space perfectly arranged - built-in fittings, an impressive floor, eye-catching graphics ... But something else is missing. Something that will attract the audience to your stand from the other end of the hall.

Here comes a place for our suspended coffers. This product will take your stand to the heights - literally. An illuminated coffer suspended from the ceiling is something that can become something visible from a distance, a landmark on the map of the event you are participating in.


A suspended coffer on the ceiling will lead the recipient to the goal, which is you.

The basis of a lightbox suspended from the ceiling is usually the AdFrame LMD frame. This most popular LED lightbox in our offer works well not only as a free-standing lightbox - after installing additional hooks, it is possible to hang it on the ceiling using the steel ropes included in the set. This coffer can also be one-sided. All we need to do is replace one of the prints with a blockout material that does not transmit light. On special request, we can also use the LMS profile for the production of a suspended ceiling cassette.

Advertising cube - a suspended square or something more?

Another interesting solution for use on the ceiling is the CTF frame. Thanks to this aluminum frame with corners made of durable plastic, we are able to make spatial structures in the shape of a cube or cuboid. This idea makes the suspended advertising box even more special. The textile print can be mounted on all six sides, or only on a few of them. In addition, the suspended CTF can have internal lighting.

The capabilities of the CTF do not end here. If this product catches your eye, but instead of rocking in the clouds you have your feet firmly on the ground, the structure made of the CTF frame can be used as a stand or tasting stand. All we need to do is attach a furniture board top with a printout. Creative use of products is our specialty!