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Free-standing lightboxes

Freestanding Illuminated Lightboxes - What Are They and How Are They Made?

Advertising lightboxes are among the most popular direct marketing tools. Our clients appreciate them for their easy assembly, solid construction from durable materials, and above all, their wide range of applications. If portable LED stands are to support your promotional activities, see how they are made and what they are used for.


Freestanding illuminated lightboxes are based on an aluminum structure. The lower part of the structure is equipped with support feet. The light sources are LED diodes placed on the frames of the products.

Freestanding LED Stand

Our freestanding illuminated lightboxes are equipped with support feet, allowing the products to stand stably on the ground, providing wider display possibilities. The product does not require wall mounting or suspension, making it an excellent solution regardless of the architectural conditions of the space where your activities will take place.

What Are the Benefits of a Freestanding Illuminated Lightbox?

Illuminated lightboxes are a popular choice among our clients as a modern alternative to classic display systems like roll-ups or advertising walls. The advantage that lightboxes have over these products is their use of LED lighting, which makes the message even more effective. Here’s why you should choose illuminated lightboxes.

Effective Advertising Message

Our portable LED stands enable effective promotional activities. We will place your personalized graphics on the prints. We use the sublimation printing method for preparing the prints. This technique is not only eco-friendly but also ensures high-quality graphics and deep colors. As a result, the prints on your lightbox will look impressive and the lightbox will become a showcase for your brand. Moreover, the use of LED lights makes the lightbox even more visible. The material on which we print the graphics diffuses light excellently. This ensures the graphic is evenly lit, without overexposure or darker spots.

Double-Sided Display Capability

Importantly, freestanding lightboxes allow for double-sided printing, meaning your promotional message can be visible from both the front and back. As a result, a double-sided display makes your promotion even more effective and visible from various parts of the trade fair hall or gallery.

Quick Assembly and Convenient Transport

At adsystem, we strive to ensure that our products are not only effective marketing tools but also user-friendly. Therefore, our freestanding lightboxes feature very quick assembly. To set them up, simply connect the individual elements of the structure. Attaching the print is just as easy and you can do this using a silicone strip with which the material is edged. Moreover, our products are packed in durable transport bags, making the stands easy and hassle-free to carry.

Where and Under What Circumstances Will Freestanding Illuminated Lightboxes Be Useful?

LED stands from adsystem are ideal for various promotional activities. You can confidently choose them if you are preparing for trade shows. In such cases, an illuminated lightbox will draw attention to your booth from a distance. Importantly, in addition to mains-powered lightboxes, we also offer models equipped with batteries. This means that the proximity to a power outlet will not limit your flexibility during advertising, allowing you to place the lightbox anywhere. This enables convenient use regardless of the architectural conditions of the space.

We have also ensured that you have products that are particularly quick to set up. Pop-up illuminated lightboxes will be a great support for sales representatives. These stands, equipped with lighting and prints of your personalized graphics, are especially useful if you frequently change your promotion location—the pop-up lightbox unfolds quickly with a single smooth motion.

In this category, you will also find a large-sized LED advertising lightbox. The LMD model can be up to 600 cm wide, allowing for a large illuminated advertising wall. This type of product is an excellent choice if you have a really large promotional booth and want to set up a large-scale solution.

As you can see, a well-chosen illuminated advertising banner can effectively support your promotional activities. Explore our range of freestanding illuminated lightboxes and choose the model that meets your expectations. To prepare well for promotional activities, check out our store's assortment. If you need advice on product selection, feel free to contact us.