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Pop-up Lightboxes

Portable LED Banner - An Innovative Solution You Can Set Up in Seconds

Our innovative solutions are not only aesthetic but also functional, offering quick and hassle-free assembly in just a few seconds. Time is a valuable resource at various events, which is why we created pop-up lightboxes with a mechanism that allows for the instant preparation of advertising space with a single smooth motion.

Unlike traditional advertising systems, pop-up lightboxes are built without the use of tools, making the assembly process not only easy but also enjoyable. Our portable LED banner is more flexible than ever before, offering unlimited creative possibilities. They definitely surpass traditional roll-ups in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Pop-Up Illuminated Lightbox - Unfold with One Motion

The self-assembling light panel offers not only convenience and quick setup but also mobility. The products are packed in portable bags, making them ideal for those who frequently change presentation locations, simplifying travel and storage. This solution not only saves time but also enhances the advertising space.

Our pop-up advertising lightboxes are also a more cost-effective alternative that can be used repeatedly. With their solid construction and durable materials, our systems are ready to meet the challenges of various events and presentations. Additionally, the ability to change prints allows for customization of the presentation across multiple events.

Portable LED Banner - The Fastest Lightboxes in the Advertising Industry

To care for the environment, we have used the sublimation printing method with water-based inks for graphics. Our lightboxes are not only effective in terms of advertising but also eco-friendly. The material’s texture is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

The graphics, edged with a silicone keder and slid into the frame edges, ensure not only an aesthetic appearance but also a very efficient and flexible assembly.

Introduce express exhibition systems in your advertising and discover an unlimited number of applications for various spaces. Our pop-up advertising lightbox is the perfect tool for creating unforgettable advertising scenes for your brand. Whether you are participating in trade shows, conferences, or organizing a corporate event, our solutions are ready to make your brand stand out and attract the attention of potential customers.