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A-board, advertising stand, chalk board ... Many names, one product.

Boards are minimalistic but very useful accessories that can be an effective and inexpensive form of advertising. You probably meet them every day and pass by more than one such product.

In the simplest terms, a board consists of two boards connected to each other in the shape of the letter A. Both sides of the stand are adapted to be filled with any content. The advertising board can be made of wood and chalk board, and many of them are made of aluminum or PVC.


We most often find A-boards in the catering industry in front of restaurants, but this is not the only application of this product.

Often, advertising boards serve as information boards or signposts to shops, hairdressing salons and other service premises. The advertising board is a surprisingly effective solution which, thanks to its low price, is extremely popular among both small and larger entrepreneurs.

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