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Roll-up - Dimensions

In our offer, we have several types of advertising roll-ups, the dimensions of which are diverse enough to satisfy many users. Each type differs in its construction. Some of our products include roll-up banners or models that have an adjustable mast. This allows us to extend the print up to a height of 250 centimeters, significantly increasing our visibility compared to other exhibitors using standard advertising solutions. This guarantees that the roll-up will have dimensions that meet specific needs.


A roll-up can also have dedicated lighting, making it visible regardless of the lighting conditions of the environment. Such an illuminated advertising roll-up looks particularly impressive at night – the light brings it out of the darkness, automatically attracting the gaze of each passerby. Consequently, they see your roll-up advertisement. At trade shows and marketing events, a double-sided roll-up proves effective. Since our roll-ups are visible from both sides, they reach potential customers and business partners much better.


Almost every roll-up carrier we offer has at least two dimensions. Many proposals also allow for custom dimensions specified by you. Therefore, you can have a roll-up that perfectly fits the space you have. This solution is mainly intended for stores and permanent exhibition spaces. Such a customized advertising roll-up not only carries informational value but also enhances the aesthetics of the space.

Durable materials, advertising roll-up for years

Another feature of our roll-ups distinguishing them from other similar products on the market is the material we use for printing. Based on our knowledge gained during the many years of experience, almost every one of our advertising roll-ups is equipped with a special banner with increased grammage. This sturdy material effectively prevents the unwanted curling of the edges, known from other roll-ups available on the market. There is also the option to print on standard blockout material, which does not let light through.


An advertising roll-up is not only practical but also very versatile. Its a form of mobile advertising that you can take with you everywhere – it will serve you at many events. Whether its a roll-up banner or another type, we always ensure the highest quality. We guarantee the structure and print, as well as comprehensive after-sales service, where we replace prints and service roll-ups. The price is varied but always favorable, so everyone will find something for themselves. We are confident in our products and their quality. We know that these are solutions that can serve you for years. Do your best to effectively reach customers – a solidly made roll-up will help you with that. Our roll-up can have exactly the dimensions you need – everything is in your hands! We provide services throughout the country – we set up roll-ups in cities such as Wroclaw, Warsaw, Poznan, and Krakow. Check the price for a roll-up with your advertisement and contact us today!


What distinguishes roll-up advertising? Above all, convenience and intuitiveness. With it, in just a few seconds, you can decorate your store, company, or trade show booth. Moreover, any hostess who is tasked with promoting your company can handle it.

Roll up – an advertisement unlike any other!

The history of this type of advertising goes back almost to its very beginnings. Initially, there were posters that could be easily transported and taken anywhere. However, there was a problem with hanging them. At trade shows, meetings, or during negotiations, there was not always a place or way to hang such a poster. Another important problem was straightening them after transport. With the development of advertising technology, the roll-up was created – an advertisement that you can roll up, take with you, and that always looks perfect! Thanks to this small, yet significant revolution, the most universally adaptable advertising element in history was achieved.

Roll-up systems – how does it work?

Even an inexperienced hostess can set up a roll-up advertisement. Why? Because roll-up systems are the simplest advertising solutions in history. They consist of a stable base that also contains a roll with an expandable banner. The entire setup involves pulling out the banner and securing it with the rod included in the set. Meanwhile, Vario-type roll-ups have a frame made of aluminum tubes connected by press-fit, over which a textile cover is placed. Mounting instructions are placed on the frame, so they can be mastered in a few moments! Whats more, you can order additional LED lighting for our roll-ups, which will make you stand out from the crowd and improve visibility in dark rooms! Have questions? Call our advisor, who will explain all the intricacies related to our products. This way, you can easily decide which solution is perfect for you!