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Roll-up – advertising classics that do not go out of style.

Advertising roll-up is one of the most popular advertising media. Thanks to the simple structure and high availability, roll ups can be found in many places - from a stand at a local market to large-format stores. Roll up is a very universal product for everyone.

The assembly of the roll-up is intuitive and should not be too difficult for anyone. If you are looking for a simple and affordable product to promote your business, you should consider buying a rollup. Our offer includes roll-ups at various prices, so everyone will surely find something for themselves.


Roll up suited to your needs.

We offer several types of advertising rollups, the dimensions of which are varied enough to satisfy many users. Some of our products are, for example, Roll-up banners or models with an adjustable mast. Thanks to this, we can unfold the printout up to 250 centimeters high, which will significantly increase our visibility compared to other exhibitors using standard advertising solutions. This ensures that the roll-up will have dimensions that meet your specific needs.

Durable materials, advertising roll up for years.

Another feature that distinguishes our roll-ups from other similar products on the market is the material we use for printing. Based on our many years of experience, almost each of our advertising roll-ups has been equipped with a special banner with an increased grammage. This solid material effectively prevents the undesirable side curling, known from other roll-ups available on the market. It is also possible to print on a standard blockout material that does not allow light to pass through. Regardless of whether it is a roll up banner or another, we always provide the highest quality.

We provide a guarantee for construction and printing, as well as comprehensive after-sales service, under which we replace printouts and service roll-ups. The price varies but is always favorable, so everyone will find something for themselves. We are sure of our products and their quality. We know that these are solutions that can serve for years.