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Pop-up walls

Pop-up walls - a simple and effective way to present an advertising or information message.

Thanks to their size, they are perfect both as an information carrier and a background for a small exhibition stand. We have been meeting the pop-up wall for years at many events, such as press and industry conferences or fairs. This type of product also works well as a typical sponsor wall. The effect is completed by a transport case in which the entire product is packed. When placing an order, do not forget about the wrapper for the aforementioned case - thanks to it you will transform the transport case into an advertising counter. Two products for the same price!


We offer two types of pop-up walls: straight and curved.

The advantages of the pop-up wall are undoubtedly due to the simplicity of installation - thanks to magnetic connections, the lightweight aluminum structure literally "unfolds by itself". One person can handle the entire installation process.

The printout is made on PVC material matched to the frame, and then installed on the structure with special hooks and magnetic tapes. The result is a printout consisting of several panels, covering the frame in its entirety and without visible gaps.

Wydruk jest wykonany na dopasowanym do ramy materiale PCV, a następnie zainstalowany na konstrukcji za pomocą specjalnych haczyków i taśm magnetycznych. Efektem jest wydruk złożony z kilku paneli, okrywający ramę w całości i bez widocznych przerw.