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Textile rollup

Rollup - dimensions for every occasion

We offer an advertising rollup in several types, the dimensions of which are varied enough to satisfy many users. The individual types differ in their design. Some of our products are, for example, the eco rollup or models that have an adjustable mast. This allows us to spread the print out to a height of up to 250 centimetres, which will significantly increase your visibility compared to other exhibitors using standard advertising solutions. This ensures that the rollup is sized to suit your specific needs.

The advertising roll up may also have a dedicated backlight, thanks to which it will be visible regardless of the ambient lighting conditions. Such an illuminated roll up with a high-quality printout looks particularly impressive at night, catching the eye of people passing by. As a result, everyone will notice your advert from a distance, regardless of whether it is on a double-sided or single-sided system.

Many advertising proposals have the possibility of being made to the size you specify. Therefore, you can have a premium roll up that will fit perfectly into the space you have. This is a dedicated solution especially for shops and permanent display areas.

Printed rollup - a promotional tool for years to come 

The feature which distinguishes adsystem roll-ups from other products of this type on the market is the material used for printing. Based on our many years of experience, almost every advertising roll-up has been equipped with a special banner with increased grammage. This material effectively prevents unwanted curling of the sides. It is also possible to print on standard blockout material, which is impermeable to light.

Rollup eco, rollup premium or rollup level are not only practical but also effective solutions. They are mobile advertisements that you can take with you everywhere - they will serve at many events. We are confident in our products and their quality. We know that these are tools that can serve you for years. Our roll-up dimensions can be exactly what you need - all tailored to you! Check what the price will be for a roll-up with your advertisement and contact us today!

What distinguishes economical roll-up advertising?

Above all, adsystem advertising tools are convenient and intuitive. Thanks to them you can decorate your shop, company or trade fair stand in a few seconds. What's more, it can be handled by any hostess tasked with promoting your company.

With the development of advertising technology, the roll up was born - an advertisement that you can roll up, take with you and at the same time always looks unique! Thanks to this small yet important revolution, the most versatile advertising element was created, which you can use regardless of the industry you work in.

The assembly of the roll-up is intuitive and should not cause anyone much difficulty. If you are looking for a simple and affordable product to promote your business, it is worth considering premium advertising. Our range includes systems at a variety of prices, so there is sure to be something for everyone, as the price for a roll-up is always very affordable.

How does the advertising roll-up work? 

Roll ups consist of a stable base, which also contains a roll up banner. The whole unfolding process consists of pulling out the banner and securing it with the attached pole. Vario roll-ups, on the other hand, have a frame made of aluminium tubes joined by pressing them together, which are then fitted with a textile cover. Assembly instructions are included on the frame, so it can be mastered in a matter of moments. What's more, you can order additional LED lighting for our roll ups to make you stand out from the crowd and improve visibility in dark rooms.