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Outdoor advertising

Effective Outdoor Advertising

The spring-summer season opens up new opportunities for brands to promote and present themselves. During outdoor events, you can present your brand in an even more engaging way and firmly establish it in the minds of your audience. At adsystem, we have prepared a complete set of outdoor advertising tools to help you promote your company at various outdoor events.

In this category, we have gathered various outdoor advertising media that will allow you to create a spectacular setup for your event. You can choose from advertising tents, flags and winders, advertising deck chairs, A-boards, and many other products of this type. Each of our products is crafted with the utmost attention to detail to serve as an impressive showcase for your brand. Moreover, outdoor advertising elements from adsystem perform excellently even in adverse weather conditions. Discover the forms of outdoor advertising we have prepared for your brand.

Advertising tents
Advertising gates
Advertising collumns
Advertising flags and winders
Advertising deck chairs
Advertising foam furniture
Ready-made outdoor sets

Outdoor Advertising at Events - Advertising Tents

Among the various types of outdoor advertising, tents are the most popular products. They not only help attract potential customers to your booth but also provide a comfortable workspace during events. Our advertising tents are covered with waterproof fabric, ensuring that rain won’t hinder your promotional activities. Our range includes express tents, such as the standard adTent Express, a versatile solution for various events. If you need an express tent for special tasks and an effective outdoor advertising tool, check out our adTent Express Pro. This tent features a reinforced structure that can support up to 100 kilograms, making it more resistant to strong winds and suitable for displaying products or other advertising elements under its canopy.

We also offer modern inflatable tents, which are particularly impressive forms of outdoor advertising. The adTent V, with its unique design, is specifically crafted to catch the eye and reach a wide audience. This type of advertising tent also helps create a premium brand image, as its dome shape is entirely different from traditional market solutions. Another inflatable tent in our range is the adTent Air Premium, a constant-pressure structure that ensures adverse weather conditions won’t be a problem, providing a striking tool for outdoor advertising.

We have also ensured the availability of lightweight and easy-to-assemble tents. The adTent Vario can be quickly and easily set up without the need for any tools. To connect the aluminum parts of the structure, you simply twist them together using the provided fasteners.

Outdoor Advertising at Sports Events - Inflatable Arches

If you are organizing a sports event such as a marathon or triathlon, one of the most popular forms of outdoor advertising are inflatable arches. These products are placed at the finish line, where the attention of participants and spectators is most focused. With personalized prints, outdoor advertising with your company logo will be even more effective, easily establishing a positive brand image in the minds of the audience.

Our inflatable arches are a great fit not only for sports competitions. These types of products are also an excellent addition to promotional activities at various festivals, gatherings, and picnics held in large spaces. Our arch can highlight the entrance to a festival area, thereby enhancing navigation and improving the flow of participants.

Flags – A Proven Method for Outdoor Advertising

Your outdoor advertising should also include flags and winders. These are excellent media that work well outside buildings and are commonly used at shopping centers, car dealerships, festivals, concerts, and sports events. Our flags are a type of outdoor advertising that is visible from afar. If you want to capture the attention of a mass audience, flags will be very helpful. Our products are available in several sizes, allowing you to choose the right product to best showcase your booth.

Outdoor Advertising: Advertising Columns

Another type of outdoor advertising to consider when planning an outdoor event is advertising columns. These elements are great for marking certain areas. You can use them to highlight important zones at the event, such as the registration area for participants or the food zone. We will place your personalized prints on our advertising columns to make your outdoor advertising even more effective.

Counters: Outdoor Advertising at Festivals, Concerts, or Competitions

Effective outdoor advertising not only attracts customers' attention but also serves to organize meeting spaces with clients. At adsystem, we have ensured that our outdoor advertising media can be used to set up meeting areas. For this purpose, you can use our constant-pressure counters. These are impressive yet very easy-to-assemble structures. To set up such a counter, simply inflate it, and special valves will maintain constant pressure inside the product. The table created in this way can display products, hold brochures or bottles of beverages, and other items needed during the event. These counters will support your outdoor advertising, as we will also place your personalized graphics on them.

Deck Chairs: Outdoor Advertising in Relaxation Zones

Outdoor advertising at events such as sports competitions, concerts, or festivals cannot go without advertising deck chairs. Our offer includes deck chairs with prints made from beech wood, a durable and robust material that ensures longevity. Additionally, we can place your personalized print on the fabric. As a result, by placing company symbols on deck chairs in chillout zones or urban beaches, your brand will evoke positive associations. Our advertising deck chairs can also be effectively used indoors, such as in an office setting.

Modern Advertising Boards: A-Boards

Another type of outdoor advertising medium we have prepared for you are advertising A-boards. These products are a proven way to attract customers' attention, for instance, on promenades or in shopping centers. They can be used to inform the public about ongoing promotions or special offers. Such outdoor advertising elements can significantly increase customer traffic in service outlets, shops, or restaurants. Our products, with their high-quality prints, will attract attention from afar. We have also prepared outdoor advertising that is effective after dark. Our illuminated LED A-board will not only be visible in the dark but will also provide an even more effective message during the day.

Poufs and Seats

Advertising deck chairs are not the only outdoor furniture that can help you reach a wide audience with your message. We have also included other products in this category to ensure comfortable relaxation. Here you will find various types of poufs and seats, which will make your message and outdoor advertising even more effective. We will cover the furniture with prints featuring personalized graphics that match your brand’s visual identity. Additionally, these products are made from durable, impregnated material, making them resistant to moisture and easy to clean if they get dirty over time.

As you can see, with adsystem's wide range of products, you can equip yourself with various types of outdoor advertising. Explore our products and choose the ones that will best support your brand during outdoor promotional activities. Your outdoor advertising will surely be effective with our products.