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Advertising tents

Pop-Up Tents - Quickly Deployed Advertising Tents

Pop-up tents owe their commercial name to their quick folding and unfolding system. The aluminum structure is topped with a frame of braces that automatically extend after spreading the tent supports. No tools are required to set up this type of tent, all you need is the involvement of at least two people. What’s worth noting, the prints on our tents are of the highest quality. As a producer of advertising tents, adsystem has prepared three different types of such tents. Find out which one will meet your business needs best.

AdTent Express

This structure has been available in our offer for a long time. It is an excellent solution if you are looking for a pop-up tent for occasional use during stable weather. An advertising tent branded with a logo is suitable for events such as jewelry fairs, wedding fairs, book promotions, or cultural events.

AdTent Express Pro - Advertising Tents for Special Tasks

We have also ensured that our pop-up tents perform well even in challenging conditions. This product is the adTent Express Pro, a pop-up tent with a reinforced structure. Compared to the standard version described above, the Pro model features reinforced aluminum (with a wider profile diameter and greater wall thickness). This makes the tent an excellent choice even in difficult weather conditions, such as strong wind and rain. Moreover, the reinforced structure allows you to hang various items under the tent roof, as it can support up to 100 kilograms. Therefore, you can further showcase your products or advertising displays. These printed advertising tents are a good choice if you plan to participate in industry fairs in the fields of construction, machinery, or agriculture.

AdTent Vario - Advertising Tents with Particularly Interesting Form

The adTent Vario advertising tent stands out with its modern design. The tent dome is supported by a structure made of aluminum tubes, and its shape significantly stands out from traditional pop-up tents. This can be a great solution if pop-up advertising tents need to effectively attract the attention of potential customers. Importantly, the adTent Vario is not demanding in terms of assembly and disassembly. The individual elements of the structure are connected with snap locks, making the use of tools unnecessary. The product is equipped with sturdy feet that weigh down the structure, making these types of tents well-suited for adverse weather conditions.

Inflatable Advertising Tents

Inflatable advertising tents with logos in this subcategory are based on an inflatable, constant-pressure structure. This is an interesting alternative if you are looking for a different solution than pop-up tents. We have ensured that our inflatable tents are a solid support for your business. We focused on high-quality solutions and modern design. As a result, the products in this category feature a constant-pressure structure, meaning that after a single inflation, the entire structure remains stable and does not lose air. This allows you to focus on promotional activities while our advertising tents shield your stand and attract the attention of event attendees. Additionally, thanks to eye-catching prints featuring your logo or company graphics, the entire setup will draw attention from a distance.

AdTent V - Advertising Tents that Showcase Products

This is a unique product in our offer. As a manufacturer of advertising tents, we know that tents serve not only to protect the stand from rain or sun. The adTent V advertising tent with a logo is designed to attract attention. Its structure is open on three sides that cannot be closed. The roof only partially covers the products or stand beneath it. All of this is to ensure that the unique construction of the product attracts attention from afar and showcases products. So you could say that the adTent V advertising tent is more of a promotional pavilion than a tent in the traditional sense. These products are an excellent choice if you want to create a premium brand image. The unconventional structure and modern design of the tent will certainly make your brand stand out and leave a positive impression. You can use them, for example, in promotional activities for the automotive industry. A new car or motorcycle hidden under the impressive dome will be additionally highlighted and notable.

AdTent Air Premium

AdTent Air Premium advertising tents stand out with their interesting structure and good protection against adverse weather conditions. You can order this product with side walls that shield the stand from wind and rain. Additionally, the dome of the tent in this case is also unique and looks very impressive. Therefore, if you are preparing for an outdoor event, want to attract attention, and simultaneously ensure protection from the whims of the weather, this could be a good choice. In our offer, you will find this model in various sizes. The 4x4 m advertising tent is very popular, but we also offer smaller and larger variants.

As you can see, we have prepared a wide range of products to support your promotional activities in any location and during various events. Which advertising tent with a logo will be the best choice for your business?