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Advertising flags and winders

What Advertising Flags Are Available at adsystem?

As a producer of advertising flags, we offer a wide range of products to support your promotional activities. Our event flags vary in size and material cut, but they can be broadly categorized into two groups based on the material used for the masts.

Standard Advertising Flag

The Standard, Blade, Hook, and Drop advertising flags feature masts that are made of aluminum with a fiberglass mix. They are slightly more affordable than their pro counterparts.

Pro Event Flag

Flags with "Pro" in their name have masts made entirely of fiberglass. This makes them more durable and flexible, performing well even in strong wind conditions.

Your personalized graphics will be printed on a special textile material using direct printing techniques, resulting in high-quality prints that look excellent. The print is applied on one side, but the graphic is visible from both sides of the flag.

Assembly and Use

Each event flag in our range is distinguished by its intuitive assembly. No tools are required to assemble the mast, simplifying event preparation outside the company’s premises since there is no need to worry about extra mounting accessories. The material is slipped over the mast using a sewn-in tunnel rather than metal eyelets, making the process easier for a single person to handle efficiently. Additionally, the polyester fabric we use for your custom graphics is well-suited for outdoor use, ensuring that the product will look good for a long time.

Where Can You Use Printed Flags?

Winder flags are highly effective for a variety of outdoor events. They are ideal for concerts, festivals, or company gatherings in natural settings, where they can serve to mark the event area. By using these flags, you can highlight important zones at the event site, making navigation easier for participants. Another excellent use of advertising flags is to place them outside your business premises. With your company symbols displayed on the prints, flags can help visitors easily recognize that they have arrived at the correct location.

Custom Flags - Tailor Your Message to Your Business

At adsystem, thanks to our local production of advertising flags and the ability to review your graphic designs, we can complete your order in a very short time. Moreover, we ensure that the products available in our store are of the highest quality and meet our customers' expectations. Therefore, before the products are packed and shipped to your business, they undergo a multi-stage quality control process. Explore our event flags and choose the product that will best support your business.