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Advertising flags and winders


Advertising flags are a product that cannot be omitted during your promotional campaigns.

Winders are designed primarily for outdoor events, but nothing prevents them from being used also at indoor events. The winder advertising flag allows you to effectively display the name or logo of the company, mark the entrance to the building or indicate the location of our stand during an outdoor event. Another advantage of the advertising flag is its low weight and durability.


This type of product is also known as a beachflag or winder, which to some extent shows its next purpose.

It is a simple and effective advertising medium that can be stuck into the ground or sand on the beach, while the addition of a special foot extends the possibilities of using the product on other surfaces, for example on asphalt or hall floor at trade fairs.

AdFlag event flags are available in several sizes. In addition to choosing the size and shape, we also offer the selection of an appropriate mast and mounting method. All this makes our portable advertising flags an almost entirely personalized product.

The printout is made in sublimation technology on a textile material. Thanks to this, the winder flag is extremely resistant to various weather conditions. Contrary to, for example, UV technology, with the use of sublimation it is possible to fold and unfold the print many times without compromising its quality.

AdFlag winders offer great possibilities of adapting them to your needs. As a manufacturer of winder advertising flags, we are able to make large and small event flags, mounted in the ground or on asphalt. Taking into account all the above features and benefits, it can be concluded that advertising flags are a necessary element of your event. Please contact us to arrange all the details.