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Towels and blankets

Ad which can be used each day.

A towel and a blanket with a photo or an individual print are not only a perfect addition to all kinds of promotional campaigns. An individually printed blanket or towel will also be a great gift or a small gift for employees or customers. Such a "little thing" will certainly allow you to take your memories about our company to the beach, gym, park or living room. Most importantly, both the blanket with an individual print and the towel do not give off any unpleasant smell, do not cause allergies and can be machine washed at 30 ° C.


A really practical gadget!

An advertising blanket and a towel with an individual print are a very subtle and practical product. So we are sure that the recipient will certainly use it and remember us for longer. An individually printed advertising blanket will be perfect on cold days, outings outside the city, or during bonfires (not only business ones). It will be appreciated by every person going outdoors. It is also worth considering combining an advertising blanket with a deckchair or a flag - this way we can introduce our brand to the beach, swimming pool or beach bars, so popular in recent years. A towel with an individual print is a great gadget not only for swimming pools or other places related to water. Individually printed towels are perfect for gyms, clubs and sports associations. Both the promotional blanket and the towel are extremely practical products that are used every day. Thanks to them, in a simple way and with a relatively low financial outlay, we can promote ourselves and influence the perception of us by potential customers and guests.