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Advertising collumns

Our Inflatable Columns Do Not Need a Constant Power Connection

Importantly, our advertising column does not require constant power. Once inflated before the start of the competition or event, the inflatable will continuously function without the need for an additional power source. Therefore, you incur no costs related to their activity.

For the advertising pillar to fulfill its role, it needs to be inflated—for this purpose, we also offer pumps. You can choose an electric or manual one—the latter is especially useful when there is a need to inflate several columns. We also offer weights that ensure the pneumatic pillar stands stable even during strong winds. With such equipment, every outdoor event is bound to be a success!

Inflatable Columns at Good Prices

At adsystem, we offer each inflatable column at an affordable, attractive price. Thus, at a low cost, you gain a permanent advertising and informational medium that you can place just about anywhere. An additional advantage is that after deflation, the advertising column does not take up much space and is convenient both for storage and transport.

Inflatable advertising masts are an excellent way to get your brand noticed by thousands of people. The advertising column will be visible from a distance and at the same time ensure the safety of people passing by the stand.

Advertising Columns – Not Just Logos!

Inflatable advertising masts are a great way to make your brand known in the market. They can be used during outdoor events, festivals, concerts, or other public gatherings where people mass together. These inflatable advertising columns make it easy for people to see your company logo from a distance and recognize it as yours. However, it is important that they don't necessarily have to carry a logo. Want to use them as a notice column? No problem! Commission us to print a cover with the information you want to convey to customers and it's done! Now everyone will stop to read your offer! And once you've got their interest in your stand, it will be much easier to establish a positive relationship and be memorable.

Pneumatic Column – Convenience and Simplicity in Every Size

Inflatable advertising columns are a great way to promote a brand, event, or product. They are durable and easy to transport, making them an excellent tool for companies operating in the field. Pneumatic columns can be used to promote any number of products or services. They can be used to advertise a brand, inform about an upcoming event, or even sell food at festivals. They are versatile enough to be used both inside and outside buildings. You can even customize them to your logo or design! Our inflatable advertising columns are available in several different sizes and styles, so you're sure to find one that perfectly fits your needs. Moreover, setting them up doesn't take much time or energy. Just position the pillar at the desired location and turn on the pump. The element will automatically set itself up where it should. Then secure it and it's ready to go!