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Ceiling frames

Suspended textile banners - how are they made?

The basis of the banners’ construction is an aluminum frame and the connecting elements are made out of plastic. This makes the products lightweight, so they can be freely suspended from the ceiling. Your personalized print will be the finishing touch. It is these prints that will catch the attention of potential customers and draw them to your booth.

The graphics are printed on textile material using the sublimation method. This ecological technique allows us to achieve high-quality prints on our suspended textile banners. As a result, the products presented here look superb.

Suspended banner - where can you use it?

Suspended systems are advertising carriers that you can use in special circumstances. See when and where it is worth deploying them.

Trade show suspensions

If you are preparing to participate in a trade fair and plan to organize an exhibition booth that will attract attention from afar, it is worth opting for suspended textile banners. If the conditions in the trade hall allow it, suspending the display above the booth, will allow you to additionally stand out among other exhibitors. The advertising carrier will be easily noticeable even from further corners of the exhibition hall, making it easy for event participants to find your company.

Importantly, the textile graphics in our suspended advertising displays can be easily and independently replaced. This means that even if you change promotional materials over time, you just need to order new prints for the existing structure. As a result, our products can support your promotional activities for a long time.

Suspended systems for shops and service premises

Another good way to use suspended banners to promote your brand is to hang them at your place of business. Products can be a good complement to the arrangement of a store. With their help, you can indicate and highlight the division of the store into zones with specific merchandise.