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Custom frames

Custom advertising frames

The products collected in this category are non-LED illuminated. They are based on an aluminum profile construction, and the finishing touch is prints with personalized graphics.

Wall systems

Custom advertising frames in the form of wall systems are a modern form of posters or information boards. High-quality prints placed on the frame look impressive and can be an effective advertising tool in offices, stores, or service premises. Moreover, these types of products can also be successfully used in home styling, where a custom frame will replace a classic photograph. In this case, you will achieve an interesting decorative effect and additionally improve the acoustics of the interior—thanks to graphics being printed on textile material, there will be no echo in the room.

Freestanding systems

Another product that we can make to measure for you is a freestanding frame. Here you will find products both in the form of double-sided lightboxes and models with particularly interesting shapes - frames in the shapes of cubes and cuboids. If you want to further diversify your advertising message and use products in the arrangement of a promotional booth that attract extra attention, consider our custom freestanding textile frames.

Custom textile frame - why should you opt for it?

The mission of our brand is to provide the highest quality exhibition systems. Every item that leaves our production line undergoes a multi-stage quality control process. See why our products will be the best support for your marketing efforts.

Custom textile frame - an impressive advertising medium

Our custom textile frames are equipped with personalized prints, on which you can place logos, corporate graphics, and other brand-identifying symbols. We strive to make them look their best, which is why we use modern sublimation printing in production. This is not only an ecological form of printing but also a way to achieve vivid colors and high-quality graphics. All this makes the custom textile frame from adsystem an impressive showcase for your brand that will attract customers.

Custom textile frame with print tailored to your needs

Thanks to our many years of experience in marketing and the exhibition industry, we understand that some events and projects require truly unconventional thinking. Therefore, a custom frame can meet needs that go beyond standard solutions. Contact us and find out that together we can prepare advertising walls and lightboxes that are tailored to your needs.

Custom frame - ease of replacing the print

Importantly, we have also made sure that replacing the graphics in our custom frames is as easy as in standard solutions. The textile graphics are sewn with a silicone keder, which just needs to be slipped into the frame slot. This makes the installation of our products uncomplicated, and even individuals without manual experience can handle this task.