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Free-standing frames

Advertising stands - what are their advantages?

Our company's mission is to provide effective advertising systems that support the marketing of our clients. We strive to ensure that each product leaving our production line looks great and is a good business card for your company. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our advertising frames.

Various arrangement possibilities

In this category, we have prepared for you advertising frames in various forms. Here you can find products like adFrame DTF 45 or adFrame Quick Budget, which are good alternatives to classic lightboxes with LED lighting or to roll-ups. A textile stand of this type can be complemented with a product that, with its unusual form, will effectively diversify the promotional stand or any other space you are arranging. AdFrame CTF, i.e., a freestanding frame in the shape of a cube or cuboid, will additionally attract attention to the stand or can serve as an exhibitor for lightweight objects.

High-quality print on textile material

We prepare double-sided prints for our frames using a sublimation printing method. It is an ecological technique that provides vivid graphics and good color reproduction. As a result, our advertising frame will not only look great but also attract customers' attention. Importantly, due to the aesthetic execution of our products, the frames we offer with logos or other graphics can effectively diversify the arrangement of your office or service premises.

Possibility of Print Replacement

We strive to ensure that our advertising lightboxes carry advertising content that will serve you for a long time. Therefore, our structures are not only durable, but we also prepare them in a standardized manner. As a result, if you change the promotional campaign or prepare new graphics over time, you can only order prints for the already owned frame. The material will fit the existing structure, and thanks to the silicone kedging, the replacement will be swift.

Where and Under What Circumstances Can You Use Freestanding Frames?


The products presented here can be a good addition to your office arrangement. Thanks to personalized prints with corporate graphics, you can promote current actions among employees, reinforce the values your company stands for, or simply decorate the premises.


Store or Service Premises

A frame with a logo or corporate graphics can serve as a communication element within your company's headquarters. If you run a store, service premises, or another form of activity where customers visit your headquarters, freestanding frames will serve as a brand identifier and information carrier. You can set up our products, for example, in the reception or waiting area, which will allow visitors to easily realize that they have come to the right address.

Fairs and Promotions

Our freestanding stand frames will be a good solution if you are looking for an advertising system for promotions and fairs. In such a case, our products will be an excellent advertising background for your booth. Against their backdrop, you can showcase your products, inform visitors about the services offered, and most importantly, attract their attention from afar.

Offices and Cultural Institutions

A freestanding frame will be a very good information carrier in places visited by many people. Various cultural institutions, such as museums or libraries, as well as offices, can use our textile stands to communicate with visitors. A double-sided frame with prints can support promotional activities, and inform recipients about special actions or projects being implemented, or grants.