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Product in line with your expectations.

Each of our advertising boxes is personalized. This means that when choosing a product, the customer has many options that we are able to meet effectively. Our offer includes double-sided, free-standing coffers without lighting. We also have one-sided textile frames, which are a great solution to hang on the wall.

Our textile coffers have so far been used in places such as: offices, showrooms, conference rooms or even museums. They served, inter alia, as alternatives to roll-ups, information boards and backgrounds for videoconferences. Products of this type are extremely versatile and it is only up to you what you will use the advertising box for without lighting.

Each frame without lighting is made to order from aluminum profiles cut and prepared in our production department. The number and type of components are individually adjusted to the size and type of the frame. We make prints on polyester fabric in the eco sublimation technique. The material is trimmed with an elastic band, which gives a very effective print that perfectly fits the frame. What's more, the printout is removable - this makes our product reusable and will last for years.

In addition to the typical personalization in the form of size selection, we also offer textile frames in almost any color. Contact us for details.