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Wall-hung frames

Single-sided wall lightbox - what is it?

Our textile frames with print consist of aluminum profiles that are attached to the wall. They are single-sided solutions, topped with high-quality print on textile material. Therefore, they can be a good alternative to posters or pictures and serve as advertising displays. The products presented here are not equipped with LED lighting, making them a good solution in places where a frame with a logo is the optimal form of communication.


In this category, you will find two types of wall lightboxes: adFrame STF 26 and adFrame STFL 16. The first variant features a thicker frame and a mounting system using hooks. This means that the display location of the frame can be changed without damaging the substrate. On the other hand, adFrame STFL 16 has a narrower frame and is mounted to the wall using expansion plugs. Therefore, we recommend displaying the product in a fixed location. This way, you avoid the need to repair the substrate after moving the frame with print.

Where and in what circumstances will wall lightboxes be useful?

Wall lightboxes are versatile advertising systems that can be used not only as promotional tools but also as interior decor elements. See in what circumstances a frame with print will work best.

Single-sided lightbox as an advertising display in a store

Our wall lightboxes are a good way to advertise a store. You can hang them on a partition wall decorating the shop window or inside the room. In this way, you can inform visitors about ongoing price reductions, new products, or special promotions. In such a case, a wall frame with print can positively influence the number of visitors in your store.

Frame with print for the office or consultation room

If you are looking for a way to arrange the walls in office space, single-sided lightboxes are a good option. You can place company graphics, motivational slogans, or messages embodying your brand on the prints. As a result, you will achieve an impressive, personalized decoration of the interior, which will additionally promote marketing within the organization. Importantly, due to the possibility of easy replacement of prints, wall lightboxes can be used almost like a bulletin board, on which you can aesthetically present subsequent important information for the company.

Wall frame with corporate print in reception or waiting room

Another good way to use wall lightboxes is to place them in a company reception or organization. A frame with a logo will inform visitors that they have come to the right place. With prints, you can also promote new products, special services, or encourage passersby to contact in such places.

Textile frame with print in your apartment

Our products are primarily advertising systems, but there is nothing to prevent a single-sided lightbox from becoming an element of home furnishing. In such a case, a product with an impressive print can be a modern alternative to traditional paintings or posters. Moreover, the ability to easily change prints means you can change wall decor, for example, with the changing seasons. Additionally, a textile frame with a print will positively impact room acoustics. The fabric will help eliminate unpleasant echoes.