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Ready-made outdoor sets

Outdoor Advertising Sets - Promote Your Brand and Mark Your Event!

Outdoor events have their own rules. Preparing an outdoor event requires a lot of work, so at adsystem we decided to make this task easier for you. In this category, we have gathered sets of outdoor advertising carriers for you. With their help, you can effectively mark your event, promote your brand, and arrange a comfortable place for relaxation or meetings with clients.

We have prepared sets that will work for various events. For example, you can choose the Fan Zone set, which will be an ideal addition to the equipment of sports competitions, concerts, or festivals. However, if you are setting up a relaxation area, see what advertising carriers are included in the Premium Chill Zone and Chill Zone sets. We have also taken care of economical solutions - if you have a limited budget, among our outdoor advertising products you will find, for example, the Economy Set.

Find out what products we have gathered in each set and choose the option that will be the best support for your promotional activities.

Why is it worth choosing outdoor advertising carrier sets?

More favourable prices and easier shopping

Organizing outdoor events is always a big challenge, requiring the gathering of various outdoor advertising elements. That's precisely why we prepared our sets - choosing one of our sets will significantly ease your shopping. Importantly, in this case, not only the easier shopping path works in your favour, but also the more favourable price. Products gathered in the outdoor advertising carrier set are cheaper than in the case of individual orders. So, it's a good way to optimize the budget and use it efficiently.

Free shipping

Another benefit of choosing one of our outdoor advertising sets is free shipping. This way, you will reduce the costs of organizing your event.

Effective advertising medium

All products gathered in our outdoor advertising sets we finish with prints of your personalized graphics. Thanks to this, you will effectively expose your brand and attract the attention of the audience. As a result, you will consolidate the image of the company in their memory, and additionally, the outdoor event will evoke positive associations.

Importantly, in our work, we use advanced printing techniques. As a result, we can achieve high print quality and intense colours. Thanks to this, your graphics will look very impressive, and the products included in the chosen set will become a business card of your company.

You should also know that the fabric on which we print graphics is a solid and impregnated material. It is not only resistant to abrasion but can also be cleaned if dirt appears on the prints over time. As a result, our products will support your promotional activities during subsequent outdoor events.

Clear event signage

Outdoor events usually take place in large, open spaces. In such a case, clear marking of the entrance, finish line, or important zones is very important. Our products will make this task easier for you. Using corporate symbols or graphics, you will clearly indicate to participants the location of the event and direct their flow. As a result, outdoor advertising carriers will not only help you consolidate the company's image, but also effectively arrange the space at the event.

Easy assembly

At adsystem, we make every effort to ensure that all products leaving our production line are easy to assemble. Each of the products included in the outdoor advertising sets can be assembled intuitively.