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SEG exhibition walls

How are SEG exhibition walls made?


The construction of the products in this category is not complicated. The whole structure is based on an aluminum profile and side support feet, allowing the wall to be freestanding and stable, without needing to be mounted to a wall or ceiling. To erect the wall structure, individual elements must be connected and tightened with an Allen key. This task is not difficult, and even someone without experience in manual work can successfully assemble an SEG exhibition wall.

The finishing touch is the textile prints, which will feature your personalized graphics. Importantly, SEG exhibition walls are double-sided, allowing for more effective advertising exposure from both sides. The edges of the prints are sewn with a silicone keder, which ensures very easy graphic installation.

Why choose SEG exhibition walls?

All advertising walls and other products available from adsystem are effective advertising tools that help improve the visibility of your brand. However, you should know that within our extensive assortment, different wall categories vary. Discover the benefits of choosing SEG exhibition walls.

Premium Effect

The textile walls in this category will help create a premium brand image. They are advertising media that look particularly impressive because the frame, and consequently the print, extends from the very base to the upper edge of the structure. As a result, the wall serves as an excellent backdrop for photos or as a scenic element behind which objects at the back are not visible. Moreover, thanks to the earlier mentioned system of mounting graphics with a silicone keder, the print is perfectly positioned on the wall surface, resembling a smoothly wallpapered wall. This prevents light from reflecting on any irregularities, and the product prominently displays any characters or objects in front of it.

Convenient Assembly

At adsystem, we strive to ensure that our advertising walls and other products are easy to assemble, and this is also the case with SEG exhibition walls. To erect the solutions presented here, simply connect the aluminum profiles and mount the side supports using Allen keys. When mounting graphics, you only need to slide the silicone edges into the slots on the frame.

Replaceable Print

To prepare your chosen advertising medium, we rely on sublimation printing techniques. This is an environmentally friendly method, allowing us to perform printing work not only with respect for the environment but also to achieve excellent results - our graphics are of great quality, and their colors are saturated and deep.

Material That Blocks Light

In this type of exhibition walls, we use a special polyester blockout fabric. This material does not allow light to pass through. Therefore, even if the SEG marketing wall is placed directly under or in front of a light source, the structure will not show through the fabric, and the whole will look great. This is particularly important if you will be conducting promotional activities in very bright interiors or have no control over artificial lighting.

Possibility of External Lighting Installation


Although the SEG exhibition wall does not have internal lighting, characteristic of our lightboxes for example, you should know that this information medium also allows for the use of light. You can order special external lights for the wall that will illuminate the prints from above. This will make the wall with the logo even more visible and customers will more easily notice the advertised content.

Customization Options

In our range, you will find several standardized sizes of the exhibition walls discussed here. However, you should know that as a manufacturer of exhibition systems of this type, we are able to prepare custom solutions tailored to your needs. If you need non-standard solutions and products tailored to specific requirements, we can prepare for you a construction with graphics in a different size than those available on the website.

Where and Under What Circumstances Can You Use SEG Exhibition Walls?

The exhibition walls presented here are universally applicable products. They can be used in various circumstances and at a variety of events. Here are a few proven ways to use SEG advertising walls.

Exhibition Wall for Various Promotions and Events

SEG category products work excellently as exhibition walls at various events. They are a good solution if you are preparing to participate, for example, in a multi-day promotion. Against the backdrop of the wall, you can highlight your booth or use it as a photo wall or a TV backdrop.

Budget Alternative to Trade Show Booths

It's also worth knowing that quick assembly is not the only practical attribute that distinguishes the SEG type advertising walls discussed here. Such a structure can be combined into a larger set, for example by arranging two walls at a right angle. In such a case, the aluminum construction will be a good and above all cheaper alternative to classic ready-made trade show setups. So if you are looking for an exhibition system but also want to opt for simpler walls that are easier to handle than traditional structures, this might be a good lead.

Photo Wall

If you need a photo wall, the products gathered in this category can be a great solution. The material we place on the wall does not reflect or transmit light, so even if you use studio lighting or a reporter's lamp, no glare or overexposure will appear on the fabric. Moreover, SEG exhibition walls provide a good photographic background because the print extends from the very bottom edge of the frame to its upper end. As a result, the wall creates an ideal plane and photographic setting on which you can capture even an entire human silhouette.

Office Wall


Another interesting way to use the exhibition walls presented here is in office layouts. With these types of products, for example, you can divide an open office space into smaller, functional zones. In such cases, you provide employees with a greater sense of privacy. Importantly, an office wall can also serve as a medium for internal organization communication. On the prints, you can place company symbols or information about the values that guide the company. Such a solution can foster employees' identification with the brand.

Exhibition Walls in Cultural Institutions

Another equally good way to use the discussed exhibition walls is as a promotional element in cultural institutions. They can be used to inform visitors about temporary exhibitions or special events or to provide additional information complementing an art exhibition.

As you can see, SEG exhibition walls are versatile products that can find many practical applications in your promotional activities. However, if the products presented here do not meet your needs, please explore our other offerings. We have prepared for you advertising walls in various forms - curved walls, straight walls, textile walls, and many other variants in different sizes. We invite you to contact us and shop in our online store.