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Modular floor adFloor

Quick and easy to install trade show floor

What makes our trade show floor unique? First of all, its modularity. Thus, you can design with us a floor of any size and shape, so that your booth looks perfect! What's more, its modularity allows any employee to assemble it quickly and easily. What does it give you? Properly trained staff will be able to disassemble the stand without any tools and the need for external help. On the other hand, as part of our services, we offer demonstration and training of the unfolding of the floor at the first use - in this way we take care of our customer comprehensively.

Innovative modular flooring - put anything on it!

The modular floor we produce is distinguished by a very important feature - it is solid and durable, despite its simplicity. It consists of 100 x 100 cm panels, each of which has a load capacity of up to 800 kg! What does this mean? You can easily set up virtually anything on it. From an advertising stand, to the equipment on display, to vehicles and agricultural machinery. However, that's not all. The design of our floor also allows you to install LED lighting, which will further enhance the presentation of your stand.

On the other hand, if the need arises, you can install power outlets in the floor, which will allow you to plug in any devices. We are sure that with our experience we will be able to perfectly design a solution that will answer all your requirements. If something is not in our offer - contact us! As a manufacturer of exhibition stands, we can easily propose another solution that will perfectly fit your vision, and if it is not possible to realize it, we will propose a solution most similar to it.

Who is modular flooring made for?

Any of our modular display flooring will perform perfectly in any conditions, so it is made for everyone. It can be used in many places. It is perfect as a trade show floor, at any exhibitions, but not only! You can use it as an element of displaying goods in a store, it will also find its way into a store window - illuminating the goods on display from underneath. You can use it to create a display island in a shopping mall, as well as anywhere.

Do you have a certain vision, but don't know if it will be possible to realize it? Contact our account manager - he will answer all your questions and help you choose the right solution. What's more, he will not only guide you through the design and purchasing process, but also take care of further cooperation. Why? So that you always feel appreciated, while at the same time being able to always get back to us with a question or a request for help - we are open to our customers and are happy to help them realize their visions and goals.