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Foldable - economical exhibition system

How are Foldable Trade Booth Sets Made?

The exhibition system presented here allows for the creation of economical, modern stands. Here's how it is made.

Aluminum Construction

The foundation of the Foldable trade booth set consists of aluminum modules measuring 100x250 cm. The construction is lightweight, making it convenient to transport the system during trade show preparations. To further streamline this process, you can store the disassembled modules in handy transport bags. Assembly and disassembly of the system are not complicated and do not require the use of tools. Two people are enough to erect the structure.

Textile Prints

Your personalized graphics will be printed on blockout textile material. This fabric does not let light through, so even if your trade show booth is in a brightly lit area, the structure will not show through the fabric. Moreover, the material has a stretch component, making it fit well on the structure, lightweight, and wrinkle-free during transport.

We use the sublimation printing technique for the prints. This modern printing method ensures high-quality graphics and good color reproduction. As a result, the Foldable trade booth set will perfectly align with your brand’s visual identity system and become its showcase.

Where and in What Circumstances Can You Use the Foldable Trade Booth?

The trade booth presented here is a very versatile system that will be useful wherever you want to showcase your offer to potential clients and highlight your brand. Here are some of our proven suggestions for using the Foldable promotional stand.

Conferences and Events

This type of trade booth will be a good choice if you are organizing a conference or another event of this kind. You can place event-identifying symbols on the prints, creating a backdrop for speakers. Another use for the trade booth at such an event is to create a conference reception. Against the backdrop, you can set up stations where employees will register arriving participants. As a result, you will not only highlight your brand to attendees and new clients but also mark the event clearly.

Promotional Stands

Another proven way to use the presented modular trade booth is for promotions in shopping centers and malls. The Foldable exhibition stands help define the boundaries of your booth and make it stand out against a background full of patterns and colors.

Partitions in Offices and Showrooms

Interestingly, the trade booth also works very well in arranging an office open space. You can use system elements as mobile partitions to create smaller zones, providing employees with a greater sense of privacy. Additionally, the promotional stand in the form of an office partition can also serve as a photo backdrop and an information carrier within the company – our prints are replaceable, so you can use them to promote occasional events or themed campaigns.

As you can see, exhibition systems like the ones presented here are a good way to stand out from the competition and attract the attention of potential customers. Explore our offer and see if the economical Foldable promotional stands are the right solution for you. If you are interested in another trade booth set or are looking for a different way to present your company at trade shows and gain business contacts, contact us. We will tailor the structure to the event you are participating in and to the nature of your business.