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Ready-made exhibition stand kits

Modern trade show booths - what can you find in the adsystem offer?


In our offer, you will find several different exhibition systems, which vary in construction form and accompanying accessories. However, a common denominator of each configuration discussed below is high-quality printing. We use technologically advanced printing methods to prepare our graphics. Thanks to sublimation technique, our prints are of great quality and reproduce colors very well. As a result, a trade show booth finished with our textile prints will become an impressive business card for your brand.


What ready-made trade show booth constructions can you find in this category?


mFrame booths

mFrame exhibition booths are a premium system that allows for designing trade show booths that stand out with truly impressive construction. The exhibition booths built based on mFrame may include, among others, arched frames. Thanks to them, we can prepare a trade show booth project that will stand out from the rest of the construction.

As a result, you will attract the attention of your audience and prominently display your brand. Importantly, the frames we use in the construction of booths are already assembled. As a result, to erect the booth, just connect them with special connectors. This makes the whole process easier.

Furthermore, the frames used by us in the mFrame booth construction system are very durable. They can even support heavy objects or other advertising elements.


Multiframe modern trade show booths

The Multiframe system, on the other hand, is a configuration that stands out for its particular mobility and modifiability. If you later change your idea for a modular trade show booth, you can compose a new layout from the existing construction. In such a case, just order new prints from us.

The Multiframe system belongs to the type of booths that are particularly mobile. Once the booth is unfolded, its components are placed in handy bags. This means that if you opt for a small booth size, you can even transport it by car. The frames are usually 250 cm high, but if necessary, we can raise them even to 350 cm to maximize the customization of trade show booth designs for the promotions you participate in.


SEGO illuminated booths

Modern SEGO trade show booths are a system that stands out with LED lighting. Inside the aluminum profiles that form the base of the construction, there are strips of illuminating diodes. Thanks to them, the prints on the construction are evenly illuminated, and the advertising message is even more visible. Building trade show booths based on this system is thus a proven method to further stand out from the competition and better attract the attention of trade show visitors.


Foldable economic booths

Foldable economic booths - at adsystem we well understand how diverse the needs of entrepreneurs are, so among the top-tier solutions, we have also taken care of budget ones. The Foldable system is an economical exhibition booth. Its construction is uncomplicated and consists of aluminum profiles and textile prints. Building trade show booths based on the Foldable system will enable you to prepare a basic booth, without lighting or additional accessories.

This is a great choice if you are just starting your journey with trade shows and want to see if it is worth participating in events of this type or if you have a limited budget.


Personalized, illuminated booths LMD

LMD sets are an illuminated system that offers wide personalization options. The panels from which we prepare booths of this type are cut to size. This means the possibility of building trade show booths to the specified dimensions.