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Trade fair furniture

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What are the benefits of choosing an exhibition booth from adsystem?

Trade show booth as a company’s business card

You only have a few seconds to make a good first impression. Trade shows are usually bustling with activity, with halls filled with designs and colors promoting other brands. The systems we have gathered in this category will help you stand out from the competition, capture the audience's attention, and effectively present your offer to them. Our trade show booths are impressive structures on which we will place prints with your personalized graphics.

To prepare prints for exhibition systems, we use the sublimation printing technique. This method allows us to produce eco-friendly, high-quality prints, resulting in vivid graphics with deep, well-saturated colors. This ensures that the prints perfectly reflect your adopted graphic concept and align with your brand's identity system. As a result, the exhibition booth from adsystem will become the business card of your brand and help you create a professional image.

Trade show booth as a convenient workspace

At adsystem, we strive to ensure that our exhibition booths are not only impressive and fulfill their marketing role but also provide comfort for users. This includes not only the assembly and erection of structures. We make every effort to ensure that the products leaving our production line become convenient workspaces during trade shows. We believe that a well-designed trade show booth can not only support your promotional activities but also significantly improve their effectiveness.

Modular trade show booths tailored to your business

As a manufacturer of trade show booth constructions, we know well that standard solutions do not always work. Therefore, we offer you a wide range of customization options for our products. We can adapt the exhibition booth to your needs, which means that trade show booths can have various sizes, configurations, and impressive architectural elements, such as canopies or arch forms.

Long-term Trade Show Booth Arrangement

To make participation in industry trade shows truly effective, it is worth presenting your company regularly at such events. That’s why adsystem’s trade show booth designs are prepared to ensure that our systems remain in good condition for a long time. We use durable aluminum and textile materials that do not damage or crease during transport. As a result, trade show booth constructions become an investment for years. You should also know that if you change your graphic concept over time or introduce a promotion for new clients, you can order only the prints from our store, which will fit the already existing structure.

What trade show booths can you find in the adsystem offer?

In the process of designing our trade show booths, we ensured that various exhibition systems are included in our offer. This allows us to provide you with a personalized approach, and you can choose from different types of solutions. See the modular trade show booths we offer.

mFrame Modular Trade Show Booths

Designing a trade show booth based on the mFrame system is a premium solution that will certainly attract the attention of trade show visitors. This system stands out for its ability to create truly complex and impressive structures, as it includes features such as arch frames and canopies. By choosing mFrame, you can collaborate with us to create a trade show booth that will stand out from afar.

Another important feature of the mFrame system is that the frames forming the exhibition booth are pre-assembled. This means that assembling even a complex structure will be smoother, as the frames are connected without tools using special connectors included in the set.

Ultra-Mobile Multiframe Trade Show Booths

By constructing trade show booths based on the Multiframe system, you gain a highly mobile exhibition set. This type of booth consists of modular profiles measuring 100x250 cm and 50x250 cm. Importantly, this type of trade show construction can be modified over time, as the layout of individual modules can be freely changed if needed.

Another feature that distinguishes the Multiframe system is its assembly and disassembly method, which allows the frames to be broken down into small components and the entire setup to be packed into convenient bags. This means you can even pack your exhibition booth into a passenger car. We prepare prints for the Multiframe system on material that does not let light through. As a result, the frames do not have internal lighting, but you can opt for external lights to illuminate the graphics.

Illuminated SEGO Exhibition Booths

If you are looking for a solution that not only features high-quality graphics but also internal lighting, consider SEGO trade show booths. The modules that form the structure are equipped with LED strips mounted on the side edges. These ensure that the prints are evenly illuminated, making the graphics look even better. An exhibition booth finished with this system will distinguish your brand from the competition and help attract the attention of new clients. This system also features tool-free assembly and the possibility of incorporating a storage closet.

Economical Foldable Trade Show Booth Arrangement

We have also ensured that our offer includes economical solutions for preparing a basic and uncomplicated booth. The Foldable system provides such possibilities. These trade show booths consist of aluminum frames equipped with prints featuring personalized graphics. If you are looking for a budget-friendly trade show booth, this could be a good option.

Ready-Made Trade Show Booth Sets

In our offer, you will also find ready-made trade show booths. Inspired by our experiences, you can choose from tried-and-tested solutions. These include booth types such as:

  • island,

  • corner,

  • inline configurations.