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Multiframe - modular exhibition system

How are Multiframe mobile trade fair stands made?

The Multiframe trade fair construction is based on an aluminum structure and textile prints. See how exactly we prepare our systems.

Aluminum Structure

The foundation of the Multiframe exhibition stand consists of aluminum profiles, which form modules of dimensions 100x250 and 50x250 cm. Importantly, if needed, we can make these elements taller for your trade fair stand project, namely 300 or even 350 cm. The aluminum we use to prepare the structure is durable and at the same time fairly light, which translates to the possibility of long-term use and efficient transport.

Additionally, you should know that after dismantling, Multiframe mobile trade fair stands can be packed into handy transport bags. Therefore, if you opt for a small exhibition stand, you can transport it even by car.

Textile Prints

The construction of Multiframe trade fair stands would not be complete without prints. We prepare them on a special blockout material. This is a fabric that does not let light through. Thus, even if your stand is near sources of intense light, the construction will not show through the material. Another advantage of the fabric is the addition of stretch, which makes it easy to fit the prints onto the frame and ensures they do not wrinkle during transport.

On the material discussed above, we will place graphics prepared by you. To print them, we use a sublimation printing method. This is an eco-friendly technique that ensures good color reproduction and high-quality graphics. As a result, the construction of trade fair stands in the Multiframe system will look very impressive and attract the attention of potential customers.

Building Trade Fair Stands with a Small Office

An important advantage of the Multiframe system is also the fact that it allows for the easy construction of a small office setup. A separate room that locks with a key allows for the storage of personal items or additional materials, which further positively impacts the comfort of salespeople during trade fairs.

Where and in what circumstances will you use the Multiframe mobile trade stand?

Although our mobile trade fair stands are designed with trade fairs in mind, you should know that they also have other applications. Here are a few ideas for using the modular stand, making the system purchase an even better investment.

Trade Shows and Promotions in Shopping Centers

Our mobile trade fair stands will not only be an excellent choice for the biggest trade fairs in Poland and around the world. If you want to conduct promotional activities in shopping centers and malls, the Multiframe system will be great support for your efforts. With the help of the stand, you will clearly designate the promotion area and mark it. As a result, in an interior full of patterns and colors, customers will easily notice and recognize your brand. Moreover, on a well-arranged commercial stand of this type, you will ensure yourself a comfortable place to work.

Mobile Trade Stand at Events and Conferences

Another good way to use the trade fair construction is for events and conferences. In such cases, the stand can designate a meeting place, an important element on the event map, or a point where speakers will speak. Such use of an exhibition stand marked with your company's symbols will also favor the generation of photo and video content. As a result, materials prepared during the event will also become carriers of advertising messages, as they will feature the mobile trade stand.

Building Trade Fair Stands in Showrooms and Sales Salons

Building trade fair stands in showrooms and sales salons is another way to use systems of this type outside of fairs. If you have a larger, open space, for example, in a car or technology salon, you can demarcate the space just using the trade fair construction from adsystem. This way, you can create a comfortable and more intimate place for product presentations or meetings with clients.

Building trade fair stands has been our specialty for over 20 years. Thanks to such long experience and broad knowledge, we are able to prepare a mobile trade stand that you can take to the biggest trade fairs in Poland or around the world.