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Multiframe - modular exhibition system


About Multiframe

Experience - the most important part of modern marketing.

As Adsystem, we were building the experience for many years by observing the trends. Thanks to it, we created modular trade show stands - the modern solution which lets you prepare exhibition booth easily, quickly and with a little effort. Our product is innovative. It combines simplicity, freedom of use, high quality and affordable price.

Why us? Building exhibition booths is our everyday life, and stands based on our solutions can be found on all trade fairs in Poland and abroad. We know it takes a lot of effort to be spotted in big cities, where the range of competitors is large. We come to the rescue with an efficiently designed exhibition booth fully tailored to your needs. We will help you to create a trade fair stand that will bold your promotional message.

Our modular exhibition system is a reusable system and can be constantly modified. You can adjust your stand to the situation and current needs. One system designed for you will work perfectly at many fairs, events, in passageways, showrooms or even in the form of a branding wall at your company's headquarters.

KThe structure of the modules is based on aluminum, which gives required stability and relatively low weight. The prints are made on textile fabric using the sublimation method. The blockout material is impervious to light, and thanks to the addition of stretch fabric, it does not require ironing. After putting it on the structure, the material is tightened and there are no visible creases. Thanks to this, you can fold the printout into cubes during transport, without fear of damage. You only need a damp cloth for cleaning.


Multiframe visualizations


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Multiframe capabilities

Akcesoria mframe | Adsystem


Multiframe is a portable system that can be constantly modified. Its modular structure has many uses, which allows each exhibitor to quickly change the graphics and shape at subsequent events.

Wyposażenie stoiska mframe | Adsystem

Storage room

System doors, thanks to which we can build a utility room. Lockable (door keys included), with graphics all around.

Kasetony podświetlane mframe | Adsystem

Shelves and hangers

Compatible shelves for product display, gadgets or catalogs. The shelves can be illuminated, and a bar for hangers can also be installed in them.

Podłoga systemowa mframe | Adsystem

TV holder

Thanks to the system bracket, we can hang almost any TV model with a VESA max 600x400 spacing on the wall. We recommend TV 40-42 'due to the width of one module.

Systemy podwieszane mframe | Adsystem


We have two types of lamps which contain 60 or 116 LEDs. The graphics on the walls are very well illuminated. The model with 116 LEDs allows you to connect the lamps in series, so only one cable is connected to the power supply.

Usługi dodatkowe mframe | Adsystem


The customer can choose bags with space for 16 profiles, which will fit a wall 300x250 cm (the weight of the packed bag is 35 kg), or smaller bags with wheels with space for 8 profiles (the weight of the packed bag is 22 kg).

Projekt | Adsystem


We will design your stand to meet your expectations.

Wycena | Adsystem


Free stand valuation at the design stage.

Montaż | Adsystem


We provide assembly services ALL over the world.

Transport | Adsystem


Dedicated transport or courier - the choice is yours!

Modular exhibition structures are undoubtedly the future of this industry and the direction that more and more companies decide to take. Such fair stands should be seen more as an investment than a one-time purchase - the structure can be used for years, its configuration can be changed, extended, and the printouts can be replaced depending on the event or the initiative or product being promoted. So we save money. It is also worth remembering about the ecological values ​​of such a solution - a modular exhibition stand can be used many times, while taking care of our planet!


Multiframe realizations


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Multiframe stand | lightbox


Multiframe stand | lightbox