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SEGO - illuminated exhibition system

How is the SEGO Backlit Trade Booth Constructed?

Although the SEGO LED trade booth is an effective advertising medium and a comfortable workspace, its construction is not complicated. Here's how the backlit trade booth is made.

Aluminum Frame with LED Lights

The core of this system's construction is aluminum frames with a profile width of 12 cm. This allows the LED strips to be positioned so that the light evenly illuminates the prints mounted on both sides of the structure. As a result, your booth will look impressive from every angle. The lighting elements are embedded in the side edges of the structure. We use solid aluminum to make the construction durable and reusable.

Importantly, this type of LED trade booth is equipped with special connectors that allow you to assemble the individual modules without using any tools.

Textile Prints

The main advertising medium for our free-standing trade booths is prints with graphics. We prepare them on carefully selected textile material with added stretch. The fabric not only disperses light well, enhancing the visual effect of the backlighting, but it is also wrinkle-free and lightweight. We place silicone rubber bands on the edges of the prints, allowing you to attach them to the structure easily. This is a very intuitive mounting system.

For the prints on the LED trade booths, we use sublimation printing. This eco-friendly technique ensures excellent color reproduction and high-quality graphics, making the LED trade booth an elegant showcase for your brand.

Where Can You Use the LED Trade Booth?

The SEGO backlit trade booth is a versatile system that can be used at various events to showcase your brand to potential customers. Here are some situations where the SEGO modular booth will be helpful.

Trade Fairs

Trade halls are usually bustling with activity, with exhibitors competing for customers' attention in various ways. So how can you make your booth stand out? A great answer is backlit textile graphics, which is what the LED trade booth offers. The SEGO system provides lighting for prints on both sides, ensuring your booth is visible from different parts of the trade hall.

Promotions in Shopping Centers and Malls

Another excellent use for the backlit trade booth is during promotions in shopping centers. These venues are also filled with patterns and colors, so colorful graphics alone may not suffice. In such cases, the element that draws extra attention is the lighting. Additionally, the backlit trade booth defines the boundaries of your promotional area.

Backlit trade booths have been our specialty for many years. Based on our proposed systems, we can create truly impressive commercial pavilions, distinctive booths, and trade stands for you. Explore our offer and choose the LED trade booth that meets your expectations.