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Brochure holders

If you're reading these words, you probably need a flyer display.

It just so happens that you will find it with us. Leaflet stands are often underestimated. Despite the so-called digitization, we still like to take a paper leaflet or brochure with us and come back to it when it is convenient. When planning an exhibition space or a stand for an industry event, we focus on roll-ups, think about graphics that match the exhibition wall, or look for a good promotional stand. All these things are very necessary, but an aesthetic and elegant stand for leaflets will be a kind of "dot over I" of your dream stand.


We offer a professional advertising stand in a simple form that is proven for sales.

Display stands owe their popularity mainly to universal availability. However, it is also worth paying attention to the effectiveness hidden in the simplicity of the form. After all, a banner stand is one of the least complicated devices, and yet it has a great success with crowds of potential buyers of your services. Even the market of the capital city of Warsaw, full of companies, is not afraid of them. Above all, however, advertising stands are durable objects, intended for many years and reusable use. Thanks to the solid structure and the best materials used in production, we can successfully place the stand outside the store or hall, without worrying about the influence of weather conditions on the entire structure. Do you want to learn more about our advertising stands? Therefore, if you often visit Wrocław, we invite you to our headquarters in Bielany, near Wrocław.

Stands - to keep everything just right...

Fold-out advertising stands are one of the most popular solutions in direct marketing. It is thanks to their help that a potential customer notices the brand and decides to visit your stand. Display stands, also professionally referred to as advertising presenters, have become an absolute standard over the years. They support the advertising message of companies at presentations, conferences, outdoor events and fairs. Also in the daily life of the company, the advertising stand turns out to be an element that cannot be overestimated, regardless of whether the company's headquarters is in the capital city of Warsaw or another city, for example Wrocław. Our company Adsystem, as a manufacturer of these useful objects, offers display stands and other solutions that meet the expectations of a potential consumer with high quality of workmanship.