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Tasting stands

Find out how to promote even better at the fair.

Promotional stands produced by Adsystem are an indispensable tool in the work of professional sellers and marketers. With their application, each advertising message will find its potential recipient. We also guarantee that a properly planned promotional campaign will gain a lot from the involvement of our brand's accessories. Tasting stands are perfect for various types of promotions and tastings, and wherever an effective promotional message is accompanied by direct contact with the customer.

Undoubtedly one of the advantages of Adsystem promotional stands is its ease and speed of assembly. As the tasting stands are built on an aluminum frame, no special tools are required. In addition, the counters are equipped with a shelf and the top board can be made in many available colours.


Adsystem promotional stands are light, easy to use and handy. Check on your own!

Our offer is directed not only to the whole of Poland, but also to other European countries. We have extensive experience in transport and shipping to European Union countries and more. Therefore, regardless of where your company is located or where your event will take place, contact us - we will prepare promotional stands perfectly presenting each offer!

The undoubted advantages of the Adsystem promotional stand include the ease and speed of assembly. As the product is built on an aluminum frame, no special tools are required to assemble it. In addition, the tasting stands are equipped with a functional shelf, and the furniture board top can be made in many available colors. Also, adding a topper makes our marketing efforts more fruitful and more people will see our product. The entire structure is secured with transverse reinforcements, thanks to which the promotional stand gains durability and life.

The tasting stands are also equipped with wheels that allow them to be freely and conveniently moved. Optimal dimensions and shapely design make it fit into a small transport bag after folding. You can easily carry a promotional stand wherever you need it. All models are made of high quality materials. Thanks to this, you get a long date of use - it is the investment that will pay off during dozens of events and trade fairs.

Promotional stands of Adsystem are light, handy and easy in use. Check them out!

We have the experience in shipping the items across whole Europe and beyond. Wherever your company is and wherever a cost-efficient, high quality product is needed, we are happy to help you. Feel free to contact us!